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 Dynamic Search™ is a web marketing agency located in Phoenix, Arizona.  Founded in 2006, we have since grown to become a leading force in the internet marketing industry. Our main focus lies in assisting our clients to obtain and retain customers through innovative internet marketing strategies.



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We are proud to serve both large corporations and small start-up companies on a global scale. Our varied experience enables us to tailor our services to meet any budget, including yours. Even small businesses need a marketing plan! It is estimated that 74 percent of small businesses in America have no marketing plan. Of the 26 percent that do have a plan in place, at least half employ unsuccessful marketing strategies. Our company can help you to create a successful marketing plan that will suit your budget and the size of your business. Seven out of every ten internet users shop online and will thoroughly research those companies and their competition before making a purchase. If you do not have a solid, well-implemented internet marketing plan in place, you are most likely missing out on a huge chunk of those potential online customers. Let Dynamic Search™ help you remedy this situation and achieve the successful business that you crave and deserve.

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We Get Results!

Actual results of a marketing plan designed for a car repair company located in Orlando,FL: SEO Positioning graph by Dynamic Search   Dynamic Search - Graph of case study

A message from our CEO:


 Hi, my name is Asher Elran – practical software engineer and a marketing specialist. As a business owner, I know what businesses need not only to survive, but also to make money and enable growth. I honestly believe that most small businesses will never achieve their true potential because they rely on the wrong marketing strategy or on no marketing strategy at all. Today, online marketing should be at the forefront of every business’s marketing campaign strategy, because without it, the business is most likely losing costumers.


Why Choose Dynamic Search™?

There are thousands of companies out there all claiming to do the same thing that we do for our customers every day. So why should you choose our company?  

  • We drive conversion, not just traffic. Instead of focusing all of our efforts on increasing traffic to your site, we focus on increasing the number of paying customers visiting your site.  This creates a huge difference that you will experience right away.
  • We provide our clients with experienced professionals. Our founder has over 10 years of experience in business and marketing.
  • We are knowledgeable in our field. We know how to deliver marketing results.
  • We continue to learn and grow, taking advantage of every educational opportunity. Dynamic Search™ works closely with experts in the development communities and knows how to achieve results in the ever changing world of algorithms and SEO.
  • We are ethical. We do not subscribe to black hat tactics. We use only ethical, white hat SEO to achieve your goals. In case you didn’t know, we also established WebEthics.
  • We provide education, not just solicitation. We believe in reaching our customers through an educational and informative approach.
  • We offer a budget friendly approach. We can keep your marketing plan as low or high as you wish. We will still get results with the methods we put in place for you on your personal budget and for your personal goals.


Dynamic Search™ stands out from the crowd of web marketing companies that all look the same. We offer something that most of those “companies” cannot offer— a wealth of experience, proven results, and true integrity. We will guarantee you all three, and for reasonable rates that you will quickly and easily make up in the increased sales that you will experience. Contact us today for more information or to learn more about our global, national, or local SEO services and what we can do to help you and your company reach for… and obtain the stars.


Some statistics:

Some statistics: According to a recent report from e-Marketer, web-marketing growth will jump from 17.7% to 20.3% in the next few years. Overall, U.S. spending on search engine marketing will nearly double from $12.2 billion in 2008 to $23.4 billion in 2013. SEO service companies comprise an exceptionally large portion of that pie. They will continue to grow, filling the needs of over 22 million businesses in the US.

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