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Adwords Grant Management (for NONPROFIT)

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What is Adwords Grant Management (AGM)?

Did you know that 8 out of 10 non-profits don’t know about the FREE $10,000 a month in-kind Google Grant for non-profits. Hundreds of non-profits are very happy to benefit from this easy to receive grant. This Grant was specifically designed to help non-profits in any of the 5 most common ways:

  • Immediate donations
  • Users of their services
  • Attendance at their events
  • Interest in their Membership or Newsletters
  • Volunteering their time


You should know

AdWord Grant Management enables you to enjoy this free grant having us to handle everything for you basically three cents on the dollar.

Four important things you should know:

  • The grant does need to be actively managed weekly or else you will loss the grant. If you have the people in house that can manage this for you, that’s your best alternative.
  • The PPC grant Adwords account does need to show minimum performance (High CTR and Low CPC). You can loss your grant if you don’t show stats that meet the requirements.
  • Dynamic Search has been serving nationwide for 10 years. We are experts at PPC Management and will be sure to get you the best results possible for the generous $10,000 monthly Google Grant you should take advantage of.
  • Basic Management of a PPC account is not rocket science, however, a lot can go wrong and a lot of the Grant money can go right out the window and risk losing it altogether. Advanced management using cutting edge technology and education to get the best results possible, IS rocket science. It’s what we’ve been doing for 10 years.


So what is really PPC? (Pay Per Click)

PPC is a form of advertising where the advertiser pays each time a visitor clicks on a textual or a graphic ad. When it comes to Google PPC, it is a bid based system where the advertiser chooses targeted keywords and sets an advertising budget. Textual ads show up in the search results alongside the organic results. Graphic ads show up on other web properties triggered by relevancy. The main advantage of this form of advertising is the ability to bring visitors to the targeted website quickly.

Our Goal

Our main PPC objective is to increase visibility of your website using strategic advertisement.  PPC campaigns can be very costly, not knowing how to structure your campaign for  maximum return can result in a large number of irrelevant clicks.  These irrelevant clicks translate to lots of advertising dollars spent, with little to show for it.  Our goal is to maximize the return on every dollar spent on your PPC campaign by completing thorough research and constantly evaluating results.

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The PPC Management Process:



  • Comprehensive keyword research and keyword grouping
  • Apply campaign recommended changes to eliminate budget leakage
  • Review goals, conversion tracking, and account objectives
  • Review budget and geo-targeting
  • Setup landing pages and call to actions
  • Implement conversion tracking (if needed)
  • Connect your PPC account to Google Analytics and setup new segments as needed



  • Find search terms that cause leakage
  • Find search term opportunities (high relevancy and low competition)
  • Review and optimize your CTR (time of the day, day of the week, geo, site links, etc.)
  • Ad copy optimization using split A/B testing
  • Optimize landing pages to help increase relevancy and quality score
  • Conversion tracking and optimization
  • Bid optimization
  • CTR and quality score optimization



  • Bi-weekly campaign review and progress recording
  • Monthly reporting


Discover Budget leakage(s) in Your Pay Per Click Campaign

Pay per click marketing is easy to get into, but difficult to manage. Many people do not realize the complexity of what they are getting themselves into until it is far too late. Costs can spiral out of control quickly if they are not kept in constant check. At the same time, you may not see the results you were hoping for, or the sales you were depending upon to pay for the expensive marketing tactic. Often, organic promotion alone is not enough to get your site out there, especially in the beginning when you are trying to climb in the rankings. Pay per click marketing can greatly enhance your internet marketing efforts but needs to be managed properly using the right tools and experience in that space. Dynamic Search provides professional PPC Management services among other marketing services for medium to large businesses.

Dedicated PPC Specialist for Higher Quality Score and Improved CTR

With proper Pay Per Click campaign management, you will see greater results and spend less money. You will achieve higher conversion rates (the number of viable leads generated) as well as substantial traffic growth and return. You will also gain enhanced exposure, thus generating targeted, and laser focused traffic to your site. Finally, you will notice a substantial decrease when it comes to the amount of money you actually spend – saving hundreds of dollars  per month with proper PPC management. It requires knowledge of the optimization process as well as experience with keyword bidding and monitoring. We can provide all of this knowledge and expertise for a fraction of the cost it takes you to achieve the same results through trial and error, saving you precious time and money.

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What Others Think About Us

seo-testimonial-christian-singlesOnce hired, Dynamic Search conducted a thorough analysis of our website and succeeded in removing the Google penalty altogether. I’m convinced Dynamic Search services can be beneficial to any organization with web marketing needs for optimal ranking.

J Wright

Dynamic Search’s immense help was the best I have seen in the industry to date.  With many upcoming big plans, I feel secure and confident that Dynamic Search will be involved with my ongoing journey and future endeavors.

Bruce Cullen

seo-testimonial-tellavistaBen and Asher are devoted professionals, who have a natural hunger for the online marketing field and are expert industry leaders. They are quick to respond and always available to address our needs. We saw a great improvement in our organic search positions on Google.

Nadav Ziv
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How Do We Measure PPC Success?

As Google tries to get as many PPC customers as possible, the statistics for your PPC campaign are very detailed.  Google Analytics makes it possible to get a number of different statistics to see if your PPC campaign is performing successfully. The most important part is to determine the priorities of the campaign, because tracking them with Google analytics is the easy part.


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How Much Does it cost?

Flat management fee of $1500 for the 10k monthly Google grant, and $1699 for the 40k monthly Google grant.

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