Google Algorithm

Google recent algorithm update – fighting web spam

Recent Google Algorithm Update

On April 25th at around 4am our software reported unusual ranking fluctuations that typically occur as a result of an update in a search engine’s algorithm. As we suspected, Google released their most recent algorithm update that should detect and fight web spam altogether.

During the process Google will remove websites with unusual activity and reward websites with relevant, quality content. This last update negatively impacted 3.1% of all websites on the web, which totals over 11 million affected web properties.

Fighting Black-hat SEO

It all started two months ago when Google’s head of the anti-spam department, Matt Cuts, announced that they would release an update that would fight “Black-hat SEO.” He explained that, in order to serve as a better search engine, it is necessary for Google to take some extreme actions that will affect a fairly large amount of websites. About a month ago, Google sent a manual message (yes, manual) through Web Master Tools to specific website owners who were believed to have been participating in a link-building scheme.

Google Rewards Quality Websites

Finally, Google released the update yesterday which re-shuffled their index. As a result, websites with real quality content were favored, and other websites were dropped. The websites that experienced a drop are believed to be fake or irrelevant.

Engaging in business with a web marketing firm that believes only in “white-hat SEO” does pays off! We have a strict methodology of quality content marketing. All of our clients remained stable with their positioning, and some even went up, resulting in their competition moving down in the search results. We strongly believe that online marketing should be similar to off-line marketing. Creativity and great content should be the forefront of every true marketer. Websites that previously ranked higher on search engine results due to dishonest and spamy methods will now be pushed down to make room for relevant, quality websites.

At this point the details of the update are not entirely clear. We will have to observe how the recent update affects the World Wide Web. Meanwhile, we are making additional changes to our clients’ accounts and adding more creative methods to deliver their messages, thus providing relevant, useful information to their potential prospects.