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How to Use Constant Contact

How to Use Constant Contact

Constant Contact Overview

For creating and managing email marketing campaigns, Constant Contact is one of the best tools to have in your pocket. For those that are not as familiar or just starting your business and embarking on the email marketing journey, this will be a helpful guide. First, email marketing is a really essential part of online marketing and important for outreach, maintaining client relationships, leads, conversions, etc. An important point to keep in mind is that the main goal is always driving more traffic, creating engagement, and increasing conversions.

The main menu includes home, email, social campaigns, offers, event spot, and surveys. The home section is going to show all of your current email campaigns, social campaigns, contacts, and messages. It serves as dashboard to see all of your important information in one area. In an effort to provide some helpful tips, we want to share how we use Constant Contact and some of the cool features. However, there are many tools out there for managing your email campaigns, Constant Contact just happens to be the one we are currently using. Some other options include MailChimp, Campayn, and Campaign Monitor.

cc home


In the email category is where you will create and manage all your email campaigns including reports for each and creating autoresponders. On the top left will be a section which divides your campaigns into drafts, scheduled, and sent which is great for going through and analyzing statistics. When setting up your first email template you can either choose a custom one or one you have already used in previous campaigns. This feature is especially helpful if you send out a standing campaign that is specific like a newsletter and don’t want to go through the hassle of changing the template every time. It saves a lot of time.

cc email

Choose different layouts, themes, types and each section of the template is divided into blocks. The easiest way to set up a new template is to drag and drop blocks like images, content, title, social icons, footer, header and many other options. Upon completion of the template, you simple create your subject, select who you want the email to go to, and then either send or send later. Constant Contact also includes the option to receive an early results report to see how the email was received. Also you can create autoresponders and schedule them to go out periodically for a hassle free way to stay in touch with clients and reach out to new prospects.

cc blocks



Social campaigns offer clients the option to manage social media campaigns directly from their platform. If you are looking for a way to manage all of your social accounts. You have the ability to get more Facebook fans and email contacts as well. You can gain new prospects by creating social word of mouth.


Create exclusive offers and send them through the platform. This feature is helpful for building a loyal customer base because you can reward customers who share the offer and redeem it with minimum effort. Constant Contact provides valuable stats of who opened, redeemed, and shared the offer as well.


The survey section allows users to take a poll or survey that is included in your email or social campaigns. This allows your clients and prospects to provide valuable feedback on what they want to see more of. In turn, this will drastically improve your CTR and engagement across the board.

Overall, Constant Contact is an awesome platform to manage all of your email marketing and social campaigns. They provide the ability to send and track the success of your campaigns, which is truly invaluable. It really is an essential tool to have for all business owners and marketers.



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    I’m a big fan of CC. I just watched their presentation from 2012 at BOS!

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