10 Web Marketing Mistakes and 10 Ways to Fix Them

Marketing Mistakes and their Solutions

The internet is your most powerful tool, but only if it’s used appropriately. Online marketing requires skill and technique that you can’t just guess your way through. If you get on the bad side of search engines – like Google – you could spend a fortune trying to get back in their good graces. Ultimately, the success of your internet business relies on effective web marketing and more importantly, avoiding those costly mistakes when you start your campaign.

Poor, Boring or Ugly Website Design

Your website is a visitor’s first look into your brand. If you have a dull, boring website that is the first impression your visitors will receive. First impressions are crucial in this industry; therefore, avoid hiring a family friend or inexperienced web designer and instead hire a professional who can create a flashy, attractive site to give you the right image. This will ensure customers trust your site and want to do business with your site.

Duplicate Content is a No-No!

Writing your website’s content may be boring and tedious, but if it’s not original you’re wasting more time than you would have just writing it fresh from the start. Copying and pasting other website’s content (duplicate content) is a big no-no online and if Google’s duplicate content filters find your copied content, you’re rankings will be non-existent. Simply avoid this by using 100% original content. Don’t have the time? Hire a professional to write it for you. In addition to originality, you want error-free content. If you’re content is riddled with misspellings and grammatical errors, it’s unlikely a visitor is going to think you’re reputable.

Avoid Keyword Stuffing Like the Plague

Keywords are important, but when you press them into your content over and over, you’re doing what is referred to as “stuffing”. While you need a healthy dose of keywords, make sure the content is readable and the keywords are used naturally to avoid being a “stuffer”.

Be Keyword Smart

Too many websites ignore the idea of keywords. While this helps them avoid keyword stuffing, search engines crawl websites based on the keywords used in the content. Therefore, conduct keyword research ahead of time and pick those you want to rank with your site. If you don’t have the time, hire someone to do the research for you.

No one likes the Tech “Genius…” who really isn’t

Just because you have the latest technology doesn’t mean the rest of the world does. Use plain HTML whenever possible rather than high-end software programs that will bar visitors from viewing your site in full.


Site Speed Should Zoom Past Competition

Your website’s speed does matter and will decrease your search engine rankings. Perform a speed optimization check and if you have speed issues, correct them as soon as possible.  Aside from the search engines, you want visitors to actually view your site. If they have to wait to see graphics, get downloads or even fill out a questionnaire, they’re going to move on to the website that doesn’t make them wait.

Link Diversity is More Important than you Think

Penguin is hungry, but only for diversified links. If you think you can get away with link building on anchor text for the keywords you’re optimizing, you are throwing money down the drain. Google prefers to see brand name anchors in conjunction with keyword text anchors. So, make sure your website has a healthy mixture of both.

Low Quality Links Are Over & Done With

The days of buying low quality links in bulk and plastering them over your site are over. You can ruin the reputation of your site in a matter of days by using low quality links and spam directories. Instead, link back to you, reputable sites and avoid purchasing bulk links altogether.


Error Codes are there for a Reason

Your website is designed around code. If you ignore the best practices of webmasters and load your website with error codes, you’re going to have a dramatic drop in SERPs. Instead, check and validate codes before they go live and fix error codes.

Flashy Graphics are Not All the Rage

You might think it’s cool to have flashy graphics and text all over your website, but you have just wasted money for your site. With text in graphics you’re going to see a dramatic drop in your site’s SERPs because you don’t have any actual text for search engines to index. Instead, have a healthy mixture of text in graphics for attractiveness, but also text on the actual page.