Five Reasons Your Local Business Should Be Using Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing For Your Local Business

If you have a local business and are not utilizing Mobile Marketing, you may want to reconsider your marketing efforts.  For those who aren’t familiar with the term, Mobile Marketing refers to marketing efforts that are utilized through devices like phones, tablets, and kiosks. [custom_frame_center]

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While the younger generations are mostly responsible for the recent surge of mobile searches, the “more experienced” population usage is steadily increasing as well. Recent studies show businesses that have incorporated mobile into their plan are seeing increased traffic and more conversions than you can shake a stick at.  If your business happens to be in the restaurant industry, you will definitely want to get on board, seeing as restaurants are the highest searched category on mobile. In addition, categories like restaurants are being searched with the intent of converting almost immediately.  This translates into quick sales through the use of mobile marketing. If that still isn’t motivating enough for you, check out our top five reasons:

Top Five Reasons to Go Mobile

[custom_list style=”list-1″]   Circles with Numbers one Recent Studies show Mobile Marketing undoubtedly has the highest amount of local searches.  This is no surprise to most marketers.  While phones are still top choice for on-the-go searches, tablets are a close second.   Circles with Numbers 2This contributes to Mobile also having the largest number of conversions. Most of these conversions are offline, which also makes sense considering users are searching for entertainment and other categories of physical businesses.   Circles with Numbers 3Not only does mobile have the largest amount of conversions among all devices, but most of these purchases occur within the first few hours.  Quick conversions is music to the online marketer’s ear.   Circles with Numbers 4Local Searches are being conducted on a broad range of topics including restaurants, health clubs, services, travel and entertainment.  If you are a local business, chances are you likely fall into one of the searched categories, making it essential to market your business through on-the-go devices.   Circles with Numbers 5Utilize Mobile marketing to include special promotions, reviews, hours, directions, etc. to capture a wide audience.  Easily create a mobile campaign and track all the metrics to assess performance. Mobimanage is the best platform to manage your work on. (See Below)   [/custom_list] Source-  

Suggestion of the week – a Great Mobile Marketing Tool:


With many options available today, choosing the right tool to get the mobile marketing ball rolling for your business can be difficult.  mobiManage is a great comprehensive tool on the market for managing your mobile marketing. [custom_frame_center] mobiManage - mobile marketing [/custom_frame_center] Their extensive list of tools and capabilities are packed-full, making for an all-inclusive mobile package.  When it comes to stream-lining processes across multiple devices, mobiManage is by far superior to its competitors. MobiSuite allows you to manage all your web, tablet, and apps in one place and grant groups of people access to make changes with ease.  

What Else Does mobiManage Offer?

One central location to manage everything
  • Easy, adaptive integration
  • One platform for web, CMS, CRM, and Database
  • Enhance user experience with behavior recognition and customized messaging
  • Comprehensive, effective tools included to streamline your efforts
  • Can allow multiple users access from one platform
  • Collaborate to Create, enhance, market applications
  • Make changes across all devices (android, iPhone, Tablet, website, kiosk, app)
  • Produce and manage apps from one platform for multiple devices.
  • Make changes quickly and market apps saving valuable time.
Consolidate solutions (PayPal, Yelp, Coupons, Analytics, etc.)
  • Easy access to create and deploy coupons
  • Integrate Trip Advisor, Open Table, Hotel booking to any apps
  • All tools and capabilities located in one convenient area
  • Mobile mapping feature assists customer navigation
Manage Social Engagements and Reviews
  • Social Media-Engage and communicate with customers directly with ease
  • Utilize Mobitext SMS feature for all mobile campaigns
  • Integrate and track loyalty programs
Data insight
  • Analyze data with Google Analytics
  • Mobile SEO to increase website or app visibility
  • Create and track Email Marketing campaigns
  • Local businesses employ Geo targeting to leverage direct reach to their customers.