Five Reasons Why Your Mobile Email Campaigns are Bettering Your Business

More Benefits to Going Mobile

You have probably heard all about going mobile with your email campaigns and how more than half of emails opened are on mobile now. There are more benefits than you initially thought and  if you have been dragging your feet staying in dinosaur times with Outlook, this is your final push into really putting effort into your mobile campaigns. There are so many reasons why mobile is better and more helpful for your email marketing, but here’s five to take into consideration:

Circles with Numbers oneEveryone is on Mobile

iPhone and iPad dominate the list of devices used to open emails among users, according to a recent KISSmetrics report; With 61% (of 780 million mobile) using iPhones and 26% opening emails on iPads. While Android only accounts for 12% of email openings, but the number of users that opened the email a second time, saw a significantly higher number of 84% compared to iPhone’s 59% and iPad’s 76%. As for all of those numbers, if you still have not gone mobile with your campaigns, this is your wake-up call! This study reaffirmed the benefits for those already on board and should serve as a kick start to those not on board. Go where your customers are and step up your marketing tactics.

Circles with Numbers 2Ease user frustration

There’s no doubt you may be experiencing the “cold shoulder” from your prospects if you haven’t optimized your email campaigns for mobile. It’s no surprise that your engagement is low, your number of opens are minimal, click-throughs are down, and web traffic is slow if you are not mobile yet. A big part of this is the fact that your users are fed up. They are fed up with pinching and zooming and tired of dealing with the hassle. If you can assure your users that you are making a genuine effort to ease their concerns, you will see a return on your time investment.

Circles with Numbers 3Higher click through

With less frustration among your prospects, you will begin to see more engagement and higher click through rates. It goes without saying that if you do not make a great first impression, or the email doesn’t look right, almost immediately it will be thrown out by the majority of your list. Especially now, people have an expectation of opening their email and it automatically being mobile friendly. If yours is not, it will definitely stick out like a sore thumb among the thousands of emails they probably receive. Even if you are not seeing a high click through on your mobile device, there is a good probability it may get a second look and clicks on the second or even third viewing period.

Circles with Numbers 4Providers make it easy

Well known sites like Mail Chimp and Constant Contact are comprehensive and pretty popular among marketers. These email marketing providers make setting up campaigns a seamless process and offer template features, custom design, auto responders, analytics reports, and custom scheduled posting options. Tools like Radian6 combine the best of both reputation management and email marketing all in one platform for convenience. With great options that range in price to choose from, there is no longer an excuse for not going mobile. r6  

Circles with Numbers 5A starting point

Recent studies show mobile devices can be just the starting point and more individuals are opening emails a second time on the desktop or other device. Based on the study featured on KISSmetrics, if they are opting into opening the email from a desktop, they are increasingly more likely to click. This is not something you want to take lightly. If you think about the fact that people that are making a conscious choice to come back to an email and making the choice to re-open, the chances of conversions occurring may be higher as well. Something intrigued them enough to give a second thought. Overall, this is just some re-assurance for those already utilizing email marketing and a nudge for those still hesitating to put in the time for email marketing. It’s worth the effort and if done right can lead to a number of benefits.