Google Glass-The Next Big Technology or Novelty

Google Glass

Have the boys and girls down at Google labs been watching too many sci-fi movies in the wee hours of the night? Do they have too much time on their hands? While these may be a few possibilities, it is more likely that maybe, just maybe, they have actually created the next big thing in Google Glass. The amazing glasses they are working on are like nothing we have ever seen. Google Glass looks and wears like an ordinary pair of glasses, but in functionality, they are simply unbelievable. [custom_frame_center][/custom_frame_center] Here is a short preview of what you can expect from Google Glass: [custom_list style=”list-1″]
  • An information center in your eyes
  • Take a picture with a voice command. What you see is what you get.
  • Make a recording with a voice command and record everything that you see.
  • Ask for the weather or directions and it all comes to you in a way that does not obstruct your vision.
  • It is an encyclopedia in your head. You can ask it just about anything and it presents itself to you in your vision in clear view and yet in a transparency that does not get in your way.

It Sounds Like Fun

[custom_frame_left] google glass [/custom_frame_left] As wonderful and futuristic as this all seems, you have to ask yourself, would you really wear one of them all the time. How long would it be before we tired of wearing Google Glass…, setting them down for use only when we really needed the applications for something, let us say… a birthday party or a concert? Would we eventually misplace them altogether?  


Reading Can Be Hazardous

Would the novelty wear off or would Google Glass become a necessity, like so many of Google’s other wonderful ideas? It would be very cool to have all of that functionality at your fingertips. The real questions is, aside from the weather, directions, and knowing the answers to the questions about whatever we see, what can they do that a Smartphone with voice recognition software cannot? Reading is reading, after all. A fast-moving Chevy does not care whether you stepped into its path while reading your Smartphone or the inside of your Google Glass lens. All it knows is it can make a very ugly mess of you.  

The Google Glass Price Tag

No one has really talked about how much technology like Google Glass will cost the public. With the competition hot on Google’s heels, you have to wonder what will happen after you lay out all that money, which is bound to be a pretty penny, and then meet someone the next day with a new technology that does even more with a lower price. Even with all of the hype and jokes about where the technology of Google Glass is going, you have to admire the thinking behind it. There are unexplored applications for a device of this type if you can expand and apply it to the handicapped, for example. If you could talk to the deaf and they were able to read your words on the lens, that would be something special, as in WOW….  

Pro or Con-You Have To Admire The Thinking

Whether you are excited about the new Google Glass technology or not, one thing that is very cool about it is the video component. If you have not seen the Google Glass video as of yet, Google it and be amazed. They take you on one heck of a ride. You could just ask your glasses to show the video to you but since they have yet to make them available to the public, you will have to use your Smartphone to play it for you. One has to wonder why they have not included cell phone technology within the glasses as well, with a speech to text recognition app.