How to Grow Your Business Online

The Internet offers many exciting opportunities for a business to grow and prosper. Even in tough economic times, you can use the web to grow and expand your business, reach new markets and engage new and existing customers. Here are a few proven methods to grow your business online.  

Review Your Current Website

Your website is probably the cornerstone of your Internet marketing efforts. As such, you should continually review the content, layout and usability of your site to make sure that it is still meeting your needs. Customers want something new and fresh when they visit your site, not more of the same old thing. This doesn’t mean that you need every latest design fad on your site, but you do need to provide something of value to each visitor, including longtime customers.  A company blog is one very effective tool to do just that. Current trends, your latest projects and special coupons, discounts or sales can all be mentioned. Quality articles produced on a regular basis will keep visitors coming back and will keep your business in the forefront of their minds.   You also want to check the content of your static web pages. Are any pages slightly out of date? Are there any that could be updated to better showcase your business and its capabilities? A review with questions like these can help make sure you are putting your best foot forward.   Another review you should make from time to time regards the usability of your site. Can prospective clients easily find the answers they are looking for? Is there a clear call to action that will prompt them to do business with you? Have you made it easy for them to contact you, perhaps with three or four different ways to get in touch with you? You can have non-employees work with your site and ask for their honest, brutal opinions. This will help you identify any places you are lacking.  

Optimize for the Search Engines

You don’t want to show up on the first page of just any search results. You want to show up for specific searches and keywords. By targeting for specific keywords and subjects, you can prequalify the prospects that reach your site. You will know that they are looking for your company and the specific products or services you supply. Make sure each of your pages can be found by the search engines for the specific aspect of your business it represents.  

Use Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising

While many consumers will use the organic search results for the investigation process, there is evidence that they will often click on the paid ads when it is time to buy. By having your website show up in both organic and paid results, you increase your exposure and the chance of getting potential buyers to visit.  

Use Social Media

Consumers want to deal with someone they trust. Personal recommendations from friends or colleagues are worth their weight in gold. By actively engaging in social media platforms, you make it easy for vast communities of users to quickly share their likes, experiences and reviews about your business. In effect, it’s like hiring an unpaid sales force to work on your behalf.  

Stay Connected with Your Customers

Through social media, email marketing campaigns, and other online methods, you make it easy for your customers to contact and interact with you. It also allows you to answer questions, solve problems, and provide offers quickly and efficiently. By using these online methods, you can successfully grow your business online.