News: Content Marketing Report, Google’s New Toy, A Shoppers Journey

Web Marketing Updates

It looks like the help that many small companies have been waiting for has finally arrived. Content Marketing needs to be an important part of ecommerce strategy. Of course, knowing this and knowing what to do about it are two different things.

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Content Marketing Report Finally Arrives

Altimeter is a research and advice group that helps struggling companies regain their feet through researched strategic advice. They have done the research and have complied a detailed report available now on SlideShare, Altimeter’s professional and educational community sharing website. The report is a breakdown of the content marketing strategies of successful corporations. Rebecca Lieb and researchers from Altimeter conducted interviews with the major companies that have been moving forward with content marketing and speaking with executives about the concepts.

The Scoop, the Lowdown, How it’s done

The just-released report is called Organizing for Content: Models to Incorporate Content Strategy and Content marketing in the Enterprise. This is the kind of information for which many were waiting. Lieb and friends break down numerous brand marketing strategies and working models that involve marketing with content. They also elicited advice and suggestions from the executives on how to incorporate these strategies into the small business infrastructure.

Google’s New Tool for Marketers

Google’s intuitive new tool, which is designed to lay out the Customer’s Path to Purchase, was recently launched. Discovering how it works is an informative journey in itself. The Google website Think Insights is hosting the new tool in order to help marketers understand the consumer journey and strategize accordingly. The new Google toy allows marketers to discover variations on “Days to Steps to Purchase” and comes with different models for different countries. Some believe that Google has the first tool that can predict a purchase journey over multiple steps and all of the various platforms and devices consumers use in today’s online market.

An Analytic Assist

Much of the research and information came from Google’s Analytics that points to 66% of all purchases coming from people who took steps, or specific sequential phases before spending that suggests a pattern that other consumers will follow. Whether the patterns are different across platforms, classes, and cultures remains to be seen, but leave it to Google to figure it out for us.

The Customers Journey to Purchase

Despite the institutional, ultra clean feel of Google’s website, Think Insights, you will have to admit that you enjoyed your visit. According to Google, the customer’s journey to purchase is more complicated and contains more steps than ever before thanks to marketing channels that did not exist until recently. The online shopper goes through these four steps:
  • Awareness
  • Consideration
  • Intent
  • Decision

Marketing Channels Affect the Decision to Purchase

There are various marketing channels that connect the four steps in different places. This connection would be different for each journey depending upon the online habits of the shopper. These include email, social interaction, display ads, paid ads, and contact directly with the website from which the purchase is made. Those channels create a Buying Funnel and affect the purchase process by building awareness of the product, encouraging consideration, and leading  towards intent to purchase. This happens earlier than normal when these channels are in effect. The presentation goes even further into the shopper’s journey and reveals some very interesting insights.

An Impressive Concept

Visit the Google Think Insights website to learn more about the affects of marketing channels and the various roles they have to play in the shopper’s journey to purchase. Also included in the presentation are informational displays showing the effects the length of the journey has on the purchase value, and a beautiful graph of the actual journey. This is a very informational and inspiring look at the steps we take to purchase online. It should also provide the marketer with plenty of ideas with which to try to shorten that journey.