Ten Infographic Creation Tools With Enough Raw Power To Drive Traffic

Infographics Deliver Revolutionary Visual Education

Humankind was still in its infancy when the first of us drew the semi-famous wholly mammoth being chased by men with spears as a warning on a cave wall. The first infographic was born on that day. We have never looked back, using it in art, architecture, and crests until finally, our appreciation for visual beauty evolved as far as our quest for knowledge. The two merged, bringing the infographic back just in time for the internet in the very late 90’s and television in 2003. The twenty first century man no longer has to warn others with infographics, yet he still does; only this time, the warning is, “Heads up, beautiful graphics containing knowledge… dead ahead.”

caveman infographic

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When many people get excited about an infographic, it can go viral and travel the internet spreading its beauty and knowledge to everyone who sees it. All of us get something from a great infographic; whether it is information or art is up to the beholder. A powerful infographic can draw people from all lifestyles and occupations. A colorful infographic with plenty of understandable information is also comforting as it helps us to comprehend a particular message; perhaps of great value. Infographics make a website interactive with its visitors. They remember where they have been and they return for more.   This is why it is so important to have the correct traffic-driving Infographic creation tools on hand to meet the demands of beauty and knowledge that today’s web surfers crave. You cannot cut wood with a hammer and you cannot drive a nail with a saw. Doodle in Paint, Word, and Adobe all the livelong day and you will not touch a fairly well done infographic. Check out these hot, and some not as hot as we thought, infographic tools and give the people the all the visual learning tools they want… let’s put some power behind those web pages!  

1. Google Charts

You already know that Google makes a tool for every trend, and infographics are no different. Move fast if you want to use this captivating tool with real gallery depth that comes with graphs, charts, and more. The developers tell us that Google does not guarantee they will not pull it down by April 20, 2015. The official word is that unless reasonable commercial developments force Google’s hand, it will support Google Chart until that date. The good news is they proved it with updated controls, a slick new dashboard, and browser leaping SVG and HTML5 making it great for mobile, tablet, or desktop. The customizable Google Charts is up for anything. Besides all of that, if there is one thing that you know Google’s search engines love, it is webpages that use Google’s tools.  

2.Many Eyes

IBM, the incredibly old but incredibly durable company, has been here from the very beginning. They may not be the toughest kid on the block, but the new layout and design has beefed them up a bit. Many Eyes is one of the most intelligent and sophisticated collections of pure unadulterated knowledge and information that these tired eyes have seen in a while. Most everything that comes from IBM is heavy ended when it comes to art and information and Many Eyes Version 2 is no exception, only now that they have updated their totally innovated visualizations, they present as a more balanced application than before. If you have not seen Many Eyes by IBM for a while, you need to revisit.

The first time I tried to use was a complete bust. That was almost a year ago. Upon my return to update this post, there have been a few changes. Either that or I was having an extremely bad day last year because this time out, I actually enjoyed myself. For one thing, they have four new infographic design themes as opposed to the one last year. What I remember as cool, if not slightly confusing and a bit awkward is now slick and quick. In fact, I created a simplistic graph in less than three minutes. While is has improved, it is still a bit predictive and slightly redundant. Still, for straight up charts and graphs, it fits the bill nicely.

They are right about it being visual if it applies to their home page. We could spend a good half an hour looking at all the cool infographics of this visually appealing, sometimes funny, and always stirring marriage of information and graphic presentation. The creative side of this simplistic infographic tool is relative reduced by what you can do and what you cannot. The controls are childlike and so easy. It has a very cool front page made with that simply powerful tool. This tool loves Facebook. It does everything it can do to make you sign up through it.  

5. Marketplace

The Up Side: Now we are playing an entirely new ball game. Type in what you need in a pop-up form and within 24 hours, a designer will call you and make all of your infographic dreams come true. This is a market place for the ages and we get to explore it. Be prepared to be impressed because you get to meet hot new designers from all over the world. Most of these studs eat success for breakfast, talent for lunch, market depth for supper and can get your brand noticed without breaking a sweat. Viral is what these designers do before our alarms go off in the morning. If you need an infographic made for you, has the marketplace. The Down Side: There are two types of people who will not want to use… start-ups and individuals with an infographic budget of less than $999.00 and creative go getters who like “hands on” projects and want to do it themselves. With, you tell them what you want and sit back to wait. They have some very talented people, there is no denying that. also has a great viral track record, but if you really wanted to get your hands dirty and experience that proud sense of accomplishment, this one is not for you.  

6. Wordle

The mad scientists over at IBM would love Wordle. This cool play on words creates visual art with the best of the knowledge carriers, our words. They may consider themselves a toy, but there is real beauty in what they do that simply cannot be denied. In fact, I made four copies of four different word clouds with the content of this blog. All you have to do is enter your website url and within a few seconds, you have art. You can also use the advanced tab to create something totally unique. Unfortunately, the images are protected. If you want to have some serious fun and be so impressed that you cannot help but smile, head over to Wordle and create some magic for yourself. It has the potential of a great marketing tool for your toolbox if not overused.  


This unusual tool called is a beta release. Wow, do they have a great idea! If you are a LinkedIn fan, you will want to hear this if you have not already caught wind of the news. They make your resume into an infographic! What a neat and original idea, especially in the age of LinkedIn and other social networks. If you really want to get a feel for, just take a good long look at the Twitter page. Are these people having too much fun or what? Update: Unfortunately, the cool blog is no longer available. Hopefully, it will be back bigger and better than ever.  

8. Gliffy


Gliffy Passes the Test

This powerful and cool little tool allows you to create diagrams, technical drawings, and flow charts all free and all of superior quality. We like the fact that it is browser-based and works on numerous browsers. We checked out the application process and it runs as smooth and coherently as you would want in a tool this complex. The above graph was built in a quarter of an hour. Gliffy is not without its glitches… but what is?  Something tells us that once they work out all the little bugs, this project is going viral. There is a word of warning that must be imparted before you check this one out for yourself. It is highly addictive. Do not visit Gliffy unless you have plenty of time to kill. Once you get in, it is extremely hard to stop.  

9. Prezi

Thank you for finally coming up with an infographic tool that puts it all together for us. Animation brings the infographic to life with sound and text. The 3-D graphics in this tool are the kind of tools websites need to snap and pop for their customers. One day in Prezi is probably worth a minimum of months and months of social buzz. It does come off unclear, at times, what you are supposed to be doing and the video is just basic stuff, like dragging and dropping. There are hints, however, so keep your eyes open in Prezi and go slow. I think that is the whole idea. With a little bit of practice, this one will make you a superstar.  

10. DataMarket

We saved this for last because it pulls more power. DataMarket reaches out across the web per your specifications and brings you what you need to build whatever you imagine and can visualize. With this strong tool, the quick study will be building visual infographics in no time at all. Like the name implies, data and information from numerous sources is at your fingertips, making creation with cold, hard facts easier than ever. DataMarket has huge potential. Those are ten of the best infographic tools that are making a big splash in the internet marketing community. Strong enough to pull traffic to your website, stylish enough to make doing it more fun than we deserve, and all different enough to make a visit to them all worthwhile, you will have a blast checking them out.  Many of the tools we visited should have made this list. Here are a few more that are worth a few minutes of your hard earned time.