Tips To Keep Readers Until The Last Word

Captivate and Motivate Readers

I was reading a post on a popular blogger website about writing in such a way as to keep the reader interested all the way through a post. The writer of this post mentioned many tricks and styles, none of which was unusual. He even added a few of those devices without mentioning them to see who was paying attention.  

The author of that post included these interesting points:

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  • Do not use “boring” bullet points (Oops)
  • Do use tricks like Internal Cliffhangers (Complete with a bulleted list of at least six different types of internal cliffhangers)
  • Do use dialog because people enjoy reading dialog
[custom_list] If you want to write interesting content that people will read all the way to the end, take a few of these common sense tips down on paper and be your usual charming self.  

Be Interesting

If you write a blog about knitting a blanket, and that blanket is not going to end up being wrapped around a wounded hostage as they dive out of a two-story window dodging bullets while on fire, I am not going to read it to the end. I will skip to the parts that I need to know, but you probably already knew that. Someone who wants to learn knitting will read every last word, so be engaging, and write in a clear and interesting manner.  

Headlines and Titles

This is the first thing we see, it is what puts us on your blog, and it draws us to the first sentence and paragraph. Consequently, it really has to be attention grabbing. Use words that will surprise the visitor or spark curiosity in the reader. Then deliver on that promise. If you are concerned about SEO, try to put the keyword near the front of the title and use no more than 70 characters with spaces, and make it pop!

Make and Stick to Your Points

The perfect blog post makes a clear point and then sticks to it. Wandering too far from your topic may make the reader wander as well. Make sure you deliver on the headline or title as well. 

Be Linkable and Likeable

The ultimate blog post has outgoing links in the body and content that are so interesting that other blog writers will want to link to it. This is good and can only increase the blog’s popularity. Remember, less is always better. Keep the writing tight and crisp to attract attention.


You Can Be Interesting For Only So Long

If the length of your blog is more than 1,000 words, you had better be a darn good writer. Shoot for between 600-800 words. The trick to staying within your limit is to not get carried away. It is cool to be passionate about your subject, but do not go off on a tangent. If you write about the fifty best SEO tools for beginners, you will be over 2,000 words. Hey, it happens. (This post is an example at over 1900)  

Formatting is a Big Deal

Before you post your content, go back through and make it pretty. Check you work. Add bullet points. Contrary to popular belief, most people love them. They usually have key points on a topic or information on what is coming up. Information and ease of reading is the key to holding a reader. If you tell them interesting things that they did not know, they will keep reading. When the post is completely formatted, 100% proofed, SEO and CRO optimized, and looks nice and neat; you are ready to publish it.  

Subtitles Draw Attention to Upcoming Content

As a reader moves through an article or post, his or her eye will catch on interesting subtitles, the headings at the top of paragraphs. The use of subtitles is an excellent way to keep the reader interested so spend time on these. A good subtitle will either repeat a key point in the upcoming paragraph, or hint at what is in it. Make subtitles bold and increase the font size if it strikes your fancy to do so. Anything that you can do to draw attention to subtitles, including making them interesting will help to keep the visitor engaged and on your page.  

Be Your Charming, Original Self

There are many people who copy what others write. They cruise around until they find an article or blog post of interest and then pretty much repeat what it says in their own words. Using other articles to generate ideas and aide in research is okay, but your content must be original. Everyone wants to read new information, not the same old story with different music. Never be afraid to offer opposing views as this makes for interesting content. A popular but little known trick of professional freelance writers is to take several articles on the same topic, written by different writers, posted on different websites, and break those articles down into questions. Ask as many questions related to the content as you can and then answer those questions in your article. By doing this, you also answer many of the questions that arise in search engines, which will appease the Hummingbird.  

Now That’s Entertainment

If you do all of these things and use your SEO and researched keywords well, you will be read from cover to cover. Do not listen to advice that tells you to write like someone else. Develop your own unique brand of writing and just be yourself. Be original and take your time learning the tricks of the trade or it will look forced. Relax, and stop worrying… you will get there.