Top 10 Reasons Email Marketing is a Good Web Marketing Strategy

Top 10 Reasons Email Marketing is a Good Web Marketing Strategy

Email marketing continues to be a valuable marketing resource for companies to use. While no one likes to receive spam emails, targeted emails from companies we know and might have purchased from in the past are good reminders of services we might need again. A well composed and targeted email campaign can cause a big boost to your company’s sales. Here’s why:


1. They Are Your Customers

Unless you purchased a mailing list, your email list is probably built of people you’ve already had some contact with, either as a previous customer or as someone who has already requested information. These are people who have already shown an interest in your company.


2. Recipients Can Ask You to Stop

If someone doesn’t want to receive your information, you can include a simple means for them to opt out of the program. Your goal is to educate and inform, not annoy, so allowing people to indicate that they don’t want to receive your emails allows you to target your efforts to those who are interested.


3. It Is Easy to Use

We all send and receive many emails each day. It has become such a daily part of life for most of us that we do it without a second thought. Setting up an email marketing campaign is simple to do, especially with a little help and advice.


4. It Is Quick

It does take some time to compose and proofread your email, but once that is done delivery is virtually immediate. Do you have a great offer or a hot new product? Tell your customers now!


5. It Drives Traffic to Your Website

Unlike print or television advertising, email marketing can quickly and easily direct people to your website. They are already on the web, so with a quick click on an included link they can be directly at the web page you want them to see.


6. It Is Current

You can quickly and easily announce current offers or new products. Keep customers informed about what is going on with your company and alert them to sales and discounts. This not only lets them know about opportunities, it keeps your name and brand on their mind.


7. It Is Affordable

There are no charges for printing, delivery or postage. It is one of the most cost-efficient ways to get your message out to the public.


8. It Helps to Build Relationships with Customers

Unlike television or print ads, emails are a two-way form of communication. If they are interested or want more information, they can immediately reply and ask.


9. You Can Add Visuals

Do you have a video of a great new product? Is there a print ad, flyer or coupon you want your customers to be aware of? With email, you can include (or link to) web pages, print documents or videos and give your potential customers easy access to more information about whatever you are presenting to them.


10. It Is Measurable

You don’t need to wonder whether or not your marketing is effective. Email marketing removes the uncertainty of whether or not a flyer was thrown into the trash or if the channel was changed during your commercial. There are many tools that allow you to track the increase in web traffic or the number of views for a certain page or video. This will allow you to fine-tune your efforts and use the methods that produce the most benefit for your company.

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