Trend Alert: A Complete Guide for Content Promotion

 The Ultimate Guide for Promoting Your Content

Now that everyone and their mom has jumped on the content bandwagon, it’s high time you actually do something with this praiseworthy content. Whether you are creating the content for yourself or a client, it can be overwhelming to attempt breaking through the enormous cloud of content. Do you feel like your wheels are spinning, and you aren’t getting anywhere? Making a name for your business or brand is now highly dependent upon your ability to provide great, quality content. We know this…right? But how do we push this content out beyond the web? To do this requires determination, persistence, and thinking outside the box that is your website and social channels. Creating superb content does not automatically mean it will magically grow wings and take off and this is a big miss-perception today. The majority of content creators also forget to think about the kinds of publications they want to be published on and this leads to a messy, directionless approach. If you’ve felt stuck or have been wandering aimlessly about with content in-hand, here are some tips to guide you back in the right direction.

Think Bigger

There’s no reason your content should be chained to the web. There’s a slew of news and radio television channels waiting to jump on newsworthy content. Whether you have a PR team at your disposal or not, there’s always a way to drive press. Getting the press to pick your content out of the million other stories they have on their desk is no easy feat. This is why you have to do your homework and find out what each particular press outlet likes to publish and all the fine print included. Understanding the different categories of publications and what’s their bread and butter: What would their loyal followers want to read or learn more about? This will give you a leg-up over other writers who haven’t done their homework and have no clue as to what the publication prefers.

Get Involved

Reach out to other trusted news publication websites and blogs. Offer to share some of your content with them. The wider your net is, the more fish you are likely to catch. Attempt to write anywhere you see fit in order to benefit your brand and get your content out there. Now, I’m not recommending you stalk reporters and writers, but it doesn’t hurt to get to know them through social media outlets and give them a heads up when you have something you deem valuable for them to take a peek at. As with any relationship, maintaining a positive rapport takes work. You never want to give off a greedy vibe where the relationship revolves around you and all the ways you are solely benefiting. Leverage your resources and make them an offer that will benefit mutually. Buzzsumo is a great tool for finding bloggers, journalists, and other influencers within a particular industry.

 Buzzsumo screenshot

Keep Readers coming back

If you are posting particular articles or Blog posts where you can include follow-up stories, this is an excellent way to keep your readers engaged. The more you can edify your audience and keep them wanting more, the more success you will have at endorsing content. Another great way is to write a sequence of informational posts including part 1, part 2 etc, to get readers excited and coming back for more. The more a particular reader visits your website and content, the more they are going to want to check out what else you may have to offer. This ultimately opens the door for you to get notoriety for your work and increased conversions.

Include in email marketing

Don’t miss the opportunity to send your content to your email list. Email Marketing is a great tool to use in order to foster relationships with current and potential clients. Quite often these are the people who will share your content if they feel it provides added value to their network. Personalize it so it really makes an impact and gets readers fired up to take action. Make your opening title intriguing enough to warrant opening of the email. Sometimes adding a bit of vagueness will do the trick.  Include a title that leaves the reader asking, “What do they mean by that?”. Make sure to also include social and other sharing buttons for ease of sharing. Share important content with your email list and make it easy for readers to connect back to the original content.


Link to it from other outside posts

Posting on respected websites that you feel are significant to your industry and including links back to your content is also a great way to promote your work.  By providing your work and putting content out there, you are simultaneously giving readers the option to learn more about specific topics of interest. The content you are posting must showcase in a very brief way just who you are and give good representation of your writing. You want to reach out to prospects by expressing the desire to team-up, so there’s some kind of mutual benefit. Buzzstream is a great tool to conduct outreach for collaboration and link building. There are many options that make it easy to not only keep track of your communication, but help you to reach out to prospects. Conduct campaigns and manage your important relationships with ease. For more information on how Buzzstream works Check it out

Referring to additional, related content from inside web properties

This one is a no-brainer. It’s a free and easy way to keep readers on your site and serve great content on a silver platter.  It’s a simple click of button and there is no searching or navigating away from the page.  As an added bonus, these are users that are already on your website reading your content, so you know they are interested in what you have to offer. When it comes to shouting content from the rooftops, these are people you already know are going to listen to what you have to say.

Re-develop content

Dust off that old content and put a fresh coat of paint on to give it a whole new life. Especially with SEO, things are ever changing and maybe you have a piece you wrote that you could add to or change to make it more relevant. Here are a couple ways to re-cycle and bring old content back to life:
  • Spice it up and give it added value. Add new and relevant information to give it that extra something. Turn a brief article into a comprehensive guide that is more in-depth.
  • Change the angle or point of view of your writing. This may be a good one to try if you have changed your opinion on a particular topic and can back it up with statistics showing, “here’s why”
  • Remodeling the style of writing can also go a long way. A change in tone can make the entire piece of content unrecognizable.
  • Come back with fresh eyes and you will be able to see it in a whole new light.

Buy PPC ads

Purchase PPC ads that land users right on your content bulls-eye. Place these ads on sources your user’s frequent. This may require a bit of research to find out where the hot spots are in your niche. Use a straight to the point, no nonsense approach. Though it is costly, it is one way to gather interested eyes.

Dynamic Search PPC ads

If you are ready to roll up your sleeves and dig in, start by identifying specific outlets and publications for your niche. From there, pick a great piece of content you want to push out and one that will benefit readers. Cultivate relationships and be cautious not to abuse their time with low-quality content. You have to be in it for the long haul. Long-term relationships don’t develop overnight. Use social media to your advantage and promote yourself (I highly suggest Twitter & Google+). As always, you will not go far with mediocre content and a passive disposition. The key to all of this is great content and the drive to succeed. If you can develop both, you are well on your way to promoting success.