Viral Content Marketing Success – How To

How to Unlock the Secrets of Viral Content Marketing Success

  It seems that everywhere you look today, someone uploads a video or publishes a photo, and the response rate skyrockets. Web content that strikes a chord with an audience and creates massive response through social engagement is described as viral content. How you interact with an audience can depend on the kinds of web content you utilize to engage people with your content marketing. Viral Content Marketing Success The expression content is king is becoming more important than ever in marketing. So, what does it mean to engage your audience with content marketing? Once you have the content, how do you build a campaign that will yield massive viral content marketing success? Content marketing can present your web content in multiple platforms.  

What does content marketing do?

  Good content marketing takes the antiquated in traditional advertising and ratchets it up to potential viral success while it… [custom_list style=”list-1″]
  • Builds awareness about a brand, an idea, or a brand personality
  • Expands a brand or a brand personality consumer base
  • Strategically communicates products and services to enhance social discovery and engagement
  • Takes, brand visibility, customer loyalty, and search rankings to new levels
Content marketing may seem daunting at first, but you can unlock the secrets of viral content by looking at what you know already about your business. Your unique brand and content is what sets you apart from the next greatest marketing offer by gurus and professionals.  

Goal A – Know thy competition.

  When advertising grabs your attention, it is doing more than merely selling. It is looking to outperform the competition. Benefits garner consumer interest; so ask yourself if your viral content presents a viewpoint that sets you apart. Learn what piques the most interest from your audience and then market your content from that concept, idea, or principle.  

Goal B – Understand that a person’s decision to engage and/or to purchase is purely a decision that is based on an emotional reaction to a pre-existing need, the product, or the content tied to the product or service. (The emotion can be caused by one or a combination of those)

  Your web content is competing against everyone else’s content out there. Consider that it is your content and your marketing campaigns that shall perform greater than your peers — and if social discovery about your content is part of the success to which you aspire, the quality of your content must speak to the broadest range of people and in a niche that is your sweet spot. People are attracted to what interests them emotionally. Infuse bits of information into your content and make people insatiably curious about you and your brand. You and your business are in the marketing game which means that everything must communicate your message simply and succinctly.  

Goal C – Emote your ideas into your content to get people to engage and share.

  Content marketing should elicit as quick of a response in content attenuation and content sharing from as many people as possible. People should find your content easy to grasp and even simpler to access for social exchange. Create accessibility to your content at social content sharing destinations (e.g. Facebook, Reddit, Twitter) where people can discover you and your content first hand. Multiply your content’s attraction-pull by telling people about your brand as a story. (Incorporating creativity and combining it with honesty)   Consider the type of web content you include. Images are more easily absorbed visually than video. While copy may take more time to read, this does not mean images or video are better for content consumption than articles or written content. Fast consumption of content is a secret of effective content marketing strategy. The conciseness and expert quality of the content is what is king. If the content does not achieve fast retention, it has less chance of communicating virally. Therefore…, content is not king. Quality marketing content is king.  

How to lock in viral content marketing success

  Ensure your content sustains interest by making it interactive. Visual content that is emotionally-rich, directed to a special audience (personalized) and speaks to a particular emotion (e.g. excitement, happiness, pleasure, delight, etc.) dramatically increases the opportunities for your content to go viral. It is important to create content that inspires and engages. Viral driven content can outpace traditional snail pace marketing with specific marketing appliqués.   Your goals are always to fashion creative, viral content that references the brand, a company, or even through a campaign that identifies the brand or company mastering the content. Knowing your audience, your competition, and what stimulates each of them emotionally can help you to indentify the content provision to select and the kind of content marketing to place laser focus upon. Start with the basics, learn about your prospects, and discover what drives them emotionally.