Why You Should Market through Social Media?

There are many advantages to the integration social media marketing into a company’s marketing plan. Besides having a presence on each social network, a company can enjoy many benefits including potential for company growth and increased return on investment. Some of these include:


Increasing a company’s trustworthiness:

When a company engages with its customers it can build trust and credibility between the two parties. This can be because a customer sees the company as more relatable or real, or because the company provides expert advice on an industry subject. You should be working on social media to become more human, while retaining your industry professional exterior. Regardless of what your viewer is looking for, regular social media interaction can boost a company’s goodwill.
  • Regularly share valuable information, you will be considered an industry leader
  • Show personality and engage with people as more than an entity, you will be relatable

Generating traffic

Regular use of social media to share news and to interact with customers, additional traffic can be generated to the company’s website. Posting links on your social media posts is a direct traffic venue for your website. Don’t consider your social media as another home base alongside your website, rather, consider each social media site as a doorway to your home base. This is also why you want to create share-able content. If your followers share your content, now their followers are potential traffic. Viral content is the gift that keeps on giving: traffic.  

Lead generation

Lead generation is paramount to any company’s success. By using social media platforms, a company can reach out to new, potential clients in a more personal and real-world way. Being honest, your users are mostly on social media to connect with friends. You won’t reach everyone. However, if your offer provides value, it has potential. Because of this, new leads could be generated through the SM process.
  • Post links that directly link to your email sign-ups
  • Go through your followers and likes to search for potential contacts

Engaging with customers and the public

Social media platforms make it simple to engage with others. By doing so, a company can answer questions, engage in conversation, and generally build a rapport with its fans, which could lead to additional leads and increased business. This practically reinvents customer service via eCommerce. It really is GREAT news. With the ability to manage your reputation, personally thank or engage with users that are speaking about you, or connect with users via SM one-on-one, your company can become a much more tangible thing for potential buyers.  

Customer Preferences

Social media platforms can allow a company to discover their customers’ preferences for the industry as well as products available to them. With this information, a company can work towards improving current products as well as developing new ones to suit the ever-changing demand of the consumer.
  • Ask questions on SM that create engagement and drive answers

Customer Feedback

With access to customer feedback, a company can further refine their products and services in order to better meet their customers’ needs. Social media can act as a free platform for this information exchange.
  •  Send out feedback forms via social media

New Product and Service Announcements

Any company can easily integrate their new product and services announcements into their social media marketing strategy. Not only will the company’s customers learn of the new development, but potential customers could also be exposed to the information as well, working further to increase leads and ROI. This is also nice because you are marketing specifically to people that want to hear it. Your followers like your brand, so it’s likely that they’ll like your updates. Your target is much more defined.  

Increase ROI

If social media marketing is done effectively, including regular maintenance and interaction, a company’s ROI could significantly increase. Real leads can increase, which will likely lead to a growth in conversions and ROI.
  •  Track your time and budget spend, as well as traffic, leads, and conversions from SM to determine ROI