Search Updates: Dynamic Search

Facebook Set to Launch Platform Similar to Adwords

Due to allegations of lack of effectiveness in the current Facebook advertising platform, the company is preparing to introduce a new platform which is suspiciously reminiscent of Google Adwords. Advertisers will participate in auctions for ads based on users’ browsing history both within Facebook and in external sites. Facebook apparently intends to directly address popular sales sites and offer them a plug-in that will allow them to offer targeted bids when users connect to Facebook. For example, if a user’s browsing history shows that he/she considered buying a particular product, yet eventually left to another site, the next time he/she connects to Facebook they might see a better offer for the model he wanted.

Microsoft Releases its Own Bing Update

Refusing to stay behind Google, Microsoft published a list of three important changes made to Bing in May. While the Bing search engine is less important than Google, it is the second most popular search engine on the web – therefore a lot can be learned from these search updates.
  • Spelling errors in the URL – as you know, quite a few users use the search box like a browser’s address bar, and now Bing can also fix errors in the URL and view the results page at the top right site
  • Better integration of synonyms and complementary terms in the SERP – like Google, Bing sometimes displays results for a certain word because it is similar to the actual search query. The problem is that often, these query proposals are not very relevant, causing unrelated results to be displayed. Bing is now better at identifying which cases do not require query correction.
  • More targeted related searches – just like with complementary terms, Bing now displays less irrelevant results.

Panda 3.7 Update

While some of us might have been expecting a big Penguin update, Google released another Panda update, number 3.7 according to an unofficial count. Despite the fact that Google has only announced a database update affecting less than 1% of queries in the world and a little less than that in the U.S. alone, numerous website owners from the Webmaster World forums have already started to notice both positive and negative changes in rankings.

Panda 3.8

Google has announced they have refreshed Panda’s algorithm on June 25th. Since April, Google has released algorithm updates for Panda and Penguin every month or so. As this was only a refresh, Google did not make any algorithm signal updates. They simply reran the Panda algorithm to release or capture sites that are supposed to be hit by Panda according to their guidelines. Here is Google’s tweet on the subject:

Google Search updates: A Separate List of Hot Searches

Google introduces an additional service to better evaluate search quantities in addition to Google Trends and Google Insights. The new service is reminiscent of Google News, whereby displaying a list of the most popular searches conducted recently, combining images and links for news sources around the web. The algorithm behind the new site is also capable of finding similar stories with different keywords and combining them.