Google launches new store visit metric in AdWords platform

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In our highly dynamic reality, the pressure on Google to prove effectiveness in advertising is steadily rising. Google’s been trying for some time to demonstrate how the combination between online and offline commerce is more effective for store owners, and therefore decided to introduce a new metric “store visits” that’ll help determine how many people visited their stores following exposure to an Adwords ad.


Store Visit

How it works: Google will track location using Google Maps (activated for users who approved location history tracking), and determine visits according to the proximity of the user to the actual, physical store. It’s still unclear how accurate this is, but it may give store owners a better indication of their campaign’s success.


To benefit from this data, business owners will need to confirm their store’s location with Google and connect it to their ongoing campaigns. Currently, the store visit metric only measures store visits and not purchases. Google has already announced, however, that they’re running a pilot to measure store purchases online.


In terms of privacy, Google announced it wouldn’t use users’ individual location data, and that the information delivered to business owners will be aggregated.