Google Update: Knowledge Graph Popup Testing in Ads Underway

Select Ads Now Feature Knowledge Graph Popups

Knowledge graph popups are now being tested in the ads section in addition to the organic search results. For now, these popups are only appearing in the top ads and not on the right side of the results. Just like when showing on the organic search results, the popups of information will be pulled from Wikipedia. They only appear to be showing for a select few number of searches being conducted. The popups appear as grey links that relate to the search conducted. Google has stated the criteria for having a Knowledge Box show on a search results are when a site is highly recognized online and also when there is a large amount of information to show for. Google will show the knowledge box when the content is useful for the user. san francisco The knowledge graph popups initially rolled out a few months ago and caused somewhat of a commotion. Whether you are on board with the concept or not, the whole idea behind the knowledge graph was to enhance user search results. As you have probably seen, if you now search “San Francisco restaurant”, results are now comprised of images, reviews, information excerpts, hours of operation, menus, etc. An even better example is if you search for a particular recipe, you will see calories, amount of time to make the dish, ratings, reviews, and Google envisions this new feature as an aid to benefit and educate users. This idea stems from the organic results section and popups will now feature additional informational resources in the top ads section. pad thai The big concern is now moving towards determining whether or not these links are going to divert users away from the actual advertiser’s page. Advertisers are worried that users may be distracted by the newly added grey links and redirect them away from the ad. Then there are others who feel this addition of information will benefit users and possibly even encourage them to click to go to their website. Also, since the feature is only available to widely known and more notable sites, it represents somewhat of a noteworthy badge, seeing as not every site will be chosen.