Pinterest Introduces Sponsored Advertising

Pinterest Accompanies Twitter and Facebook with Sponsored Advertising

Pinterest joins the ranks of Twitter and Facebook by enabling businesses to sponsor pins. This somewhat expected move was most likely a result of Pinterest’s most recent round of funding, during which they raised 200 million USD according to an estimated market value of 5 billion USD. So far, over 750 million USD have been invested in Pinterest, and the company likely realized it needed to begin justifying their estimated market value through monetization. This move doesn’t come as a surprise, seeing as Pinterest thrives on small businesses. According to research conducted by RJmetrics, it was found that over 3% of all re-pins originated from, a popular e-commerce platform that enables up-and-coming and established artists to market their goods – by far the largest single share. [Read the original article in Forbes] pt  

New Research Finds: Organic Traffic Yields Best ROI

According to research recently conducted by, which questioned 288 small business owners in the US, the best ROI can be found among traffic that originates in organic searches. This result comes as no surprise, given that in light of the rising rate of penalties given by Google, alongside the growing competition for top rankings in search engine results pages, numerous small businesses have opted to focus on local optimization vs organic, general optimization. It does come as a surprise, however, that Google Places and Google+ Local tied for second place in terms of ROI, with nearly identical scores. The most interesting finding in this report points to the relatively low ROIs on Facebook and Twitter, which also ranked low for the amount of traffic and telephone leads generated. While the advantages of social media are plentiful (increasing exposure, maintaining communication with a community, positive effect on SEO), it remains to be seen if  social media can improve profitability. [Read the original article on Search Engine Land] BL  

Facebook Set to Introduce Video Ads

Your news feed will soon be taken over by video advertisements. Facebook has added a new option to their ad managing software, which will enable businesses to show potential consumers video ads via their Facebook news feed. It will also be possible to target users specifically who tend to watch videos. According to a Facebook spokesperson, this doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll see more ads, only that their makeup will change. Instead of text-only or image ads, you’ll start seeing more sponsored videos. [Read the original article on Mashable] fbg