The Reason You Won’t See Google Ads about the World Cup

Google Ads aren’t Showing Soccer-Related Offers

After four long years of waiting, the World Cup is currently taking place in Brazil. With such a monumental sporting event currently underway, one may wonder why Google Ads aren’t showing soccer-related offers. The reason is that FIFA, the organization behind the World Cup, has registered trademarks for numerous relevant phrases, including: “World Cup”, “FIFA”, “Copa 2014” and even “Brazil 2014”. Given that Google’s already been burned before for infringing on trademarks, you won’t see any Google ads directly referencing the World Cup. According to Google’s guidelines, it is possible to target users searching for event-related or brand-related phrases, but it is prohibited to use these protected trademarks in the ads themselves. If you type one of the aforementioned phrases into Google, you’ll see a designated box showing upcoming games and further information from the FIFA website. [Read the full article on Search Engine Land]


Google’s Response to the “Right to be Forgotten”

As we previously reported, a European Union Court decreed that every person has the right to be forgotten, a right which should be upheld and respected by Google. Naturally, Google doesn’t like erasing information – especially if there’s interest surrounding it – so they’ve found a loophole in the Court’s decision. Google has decided to add a line below every news story that is removed in line with this decision, indicating that the story has been removed following a request under “the right to be forgotten”. As a result, the person who’s at the center of the story will not have his or her past doings exposed, but on the other hand, anyone searching for information will know that this person has something to hide. It should be emphasized that this is only valid in local Google searches in Europe (Google France, Google Germany, etc). These news stories will continue to be accessible via and other local searches. [Read the full article on The Guardian]


Payday Loan 3.0 Update was Released this Week

Another Payday Loan update was released this week, following the previous update released on May 18th. This update targets spam-prone keywords such as “payday loan”, “diet pills”, “casino” etc. When the previous update was released, roughly one month ago, it was nearly simultaneous with the Panda 4.0 update, which left many confused as to whether they were separate updates or not (they turned out to be separate). [Read the original article on Search Engine Land]