Yahoo! Terminates Yahoo Directory

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After nearly 20 years, and following an impressive record as the primary search engine prior to Google, search giant Yahoo! announced this week it would be terminating its website directory:


Most rightfully view Google as the unwavering ruler of the search world, but few recall that internet searches didn’t begin once Google was founded. Before Google was around, the most popular way to find websites online was through Yahoo! Directory, which was conveniently sorted according to categories and themes.


The directory saw the beginning of the end once Google launched its search engine, which revolutionized the way we search for information online. Whereas using Yahoo! Directory we found what we needed according to subject, Google introduced a way of finding things which we can’t necessarily classify, using keywords. On a personal note, I feel Yahoo! could have gotten rid of its Directory, the backbone of its business which brought them to where they are today, in a more dignified manner.


Google Continues to Persecute Private Blog Networks


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Gray and black SEO communities are aflutter surrounding Google’s most recent attempt to harm private blog networks. These networks serve different marketers by allowing them to upload posts and get live links in exchange, relatively easily and with hardly any filters.


Over the years, the level of these websites has risen and nowadays, it’s possible to find high quality, albeit useless, content. In other words, the level of writing has improved considerably, but the innovation, key message and added value are still missing or poor. The posts are typically constructed as re-writes of similar posts on the web, which is likely why Google is targeting them now. Dozens of thousands of websites have received manual penalties recently, as a result of partaking in such networks. Google has not officially confirmed these reports.


Panda 4.1 Update Released

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Google has released the Panda 4.1 update in the last few days, enacting it gradually. According to predictions, it should finish crawling next week. Per Google’s announcement, it has been updated with a number of parameters that should help improve search results by weeding out bad websites. The conclusions as to which parameters should be included were reached following user-analysis as well as feedback from website owners.


As you know, Panda is an update that deals with websites that have little or low quality content, and this recent update proves that Google is willing to give a chance to small and medium websites.


It’s not all good news, however. Panda brings with it both promise and a certain amount of risk: many websites that were penalized by the previous update can now recover and restore their previous rankings, given they made sufficient changes. On the other hand, many new websites will now find themselves penalized in the event the updated Panda algorithm finds content-related violations.