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Five Surprising Ways PPC And LinkedIn Were Made For Each Other

LinkedIn PPC Campaigns

When most people hear the words Pay Per Click Campaign, they automatically think of Google AdWords. Google is without a doubt the biggest and most well known Pay Per Click platform there is. That may be about to change and for very good reasons. LinkedIn is also a very well known place to be. With just over 200 million members, I would say that it is a very popular place to hang out, especially if you run a PPC campaign. Here are five reasons why having a Pay Per Click Campaign on LinkedIn is a good idea:  

1. The people are there.

Let’s face it, you do not want just anyone clicking on your ads. Ad clicks are expensive and the entire process is already hard enough to manage. At LinkedIn, a lot of the detailed target work is already done for you. Having a PPC account on LinkedIn allows you to choose your targeted base by job functions and skill levels. This cuts down from 200 million potential targeted people by approximately 15%. Compared to the traditional way in Google, this is an enormous advantage.   [custom_frame_center] target audience [/custom_frame_center]  

2. The Ability to Zero In On Target

The good news just keeps on coming when you are running a Pay Per Click campaign on the largest job networking social media website on the planet. LinkedIn automatically gives you another filter, allowing the campaign manager to choose what seniority level they prefer. Options include top management levels allowing targeting of employees with buying power. The question you have to ask is if that is the level that you feel would best suit the campaign marketing needs of your campaign. [custom_frame_center] li ppc targeting [/custom_frame_center]  

3. Business Minded People Like to Do Business

LinkedIn is unique in that it is filled with like-minded people. The majority of people on LinkedIn are there for one reason, to find the right employer. The majority are looking for connections that will lead them in the right direction. The minority would be the 3 million plus companies that have signed up with an account and actively hire from the largest workforce outside of the going public. Either way, they are all thinking about business and that is good for the Pay Per Click marketer who is also all business.  

4. Targeting Ads on LinkedIn

Targeting is much easier on LinkedIn as you have so many industries and professions from which to choose. Make a long list of all of the businesses that you and your brand relate to the most, then make another list of the types of professionals that you would avoid targeting. When creating your targeted ads, keep these two lists in mind. The trick is to draw the industries that are most likely to relate to your ads and repel those who would not related at all. This will keep your clicks targeted high while remaining manageable.  

5. Easy Sign-Up and Easy Start-Up

A LinkedIn account is one of the easiest things in the world to obtain. All you really need is a desire to rub elbows with professional people from all over the world and a readiness to start building an extra income using the Pay Per Click Marketing vehicle. Just like Google’s Adwords, it takes diligence, hard work, a fastidious nature, and time to do it right. LinkedIn is the perfect scenario for the PPC marketer who knows a good thing when he or she sees it.