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LinkedIn vs Facebook PPC

Read this Before Investing in LinkedIn vs Facebook PPC

You have made the decision to use some social media ads to boost your web presence. Provided you have done your homework, you know what to expect, and have a targeted market. In order to ensure that your social media management plan is effective, there some things you should consider while comparing LinkedIn vs Facebook PPC. We have outlined some advice for you based on real world experience with our client base. Do not make the same mistakes so many others have.  

How are Facebook Ads Perceived?

Many business owners looking to boost traffic or interaction on their social media spaces think that Facebook is too informal to reach their audience. While this holds validity in some industries, that perception is quickly proving less and less true. For newcomers to social media, Facebook ads can be very easing for the business minded. Many business owners get overwhelmed and confused with how to implement their social media and their online ads; which can often mean wasted budget funds or worse, lost clients. Perhaps more importantly, Facebook ads are often more cost effective than that of LinkedIn. They can reach a more targeted audience resulting in increased sales. If Facebook were a country, it would be the third largest in the world, behind only China and India. This power in numbers alone is a huge attraction to Facebook marketing. It is also no secret that Facebook compiles tons of information on its many users. You can use this information and sheer numbers to your advantage, harnessing the power of Facebook… but only if you do it right.  

 Common Ad Placement Pitfalls to Avoid

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  • Make it relevant – Mass Marketing (Spam, Telemarketers, etc) is rarely welcome with consumers. Expect to irritate more people than you sell to if you choose to use mass marketing.
  • Make it about THEM – far too often, business owners trumpet the ME, ME, ME, projecting the large ego of their business. The only thing that will turn them off quicker than this is if you spam them.
  • Make it valuable – if you cannot offer them a free sample of your work or services, at least make the content they are reading of value. Do not make empty statements or promises, or you will not be in business online very long.
  • Make it interesting – you can offer the best product or service in your industry, but if you are constantly inundating them with how awesome you think you are, their thoughts might be different. Keep them entertained through interesting writing, photos, and other ways to connect people to your ads and make them want to click through.

LinkedIn Ads can Still be Powerful

Even though Facebook is becoming more and more the go-to for pay per ads, LinkedIn ads can still be an important part of your social media campaign. For some professionals, LinkedIn is the ONLY social network worth their time. LinkedIn ads might be a bit pricey and slightly harder to figure out that that of Facebook, especially if you are a novice. Nevertheless, LinkedIn will always be relevant in a professional networking sense (mostly B2B).  

Go Your Own Way

Keep in mind that every social media marketing campaign is different. What works for one business might not work in the same industry. When it has all been said and done, it’s about connecting with your current clients and potential clients. Some companies do not buy any online ads while others always seem to be buying something new. Do not be afraid to experiment and try to find what works best for you and your businesses workflow. What can YOUR business offer that competitors cannot? You showcase that professionally every day. Your web based marketing efforts are no different.