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Refresh Your PPC Campaigns and Elevate Your Conversion Rate With These Five PPC Tips

Five Quick Tips for Refreshing Your PPC Campaigns and Boosting Conversions

It’s easy to get wrapped up in PPC analytics and finding different ways to boost this number and that statistic. We all know the importance of a good landing page and how it’s a crucial part of gaining conversions and we also know the basics of creating an ad. If you are stuck in a rut and the changes you are currently making aren’t cutting it anymore, then it’s time to look at the big picture and refresh those played-out ads. Take a step back and focus on improving the overall user experience and increase conversions. If you think updating a word here or there is not worth your time, check out this ad from Search Engine Journal where a single comma was added and the significant impact it had on the CTR.. png;base6481be49c634c81ba8
Photo Credit: www.searchenginejournal.com

Circles with Numbers oneTesting and getting feedback is vital

The best way to step outside your PPC tunnel vision you may have acquired is to look at what users are responding to. You can spend months tweaking this or that on your ads, but if it’s not generating conversions, all that time was wasted. Get inside your customer’s heads and find out what makes them click with experimentation. Part of taking a step back and refreshing your campaign efforts may include having a third set of eyes look over your work. Get customer feedback with surveys and receive helpful insight on areas to improve or change. As always, A/B split testing is vital for choosing the right words for your ads, so don’t skip over the details.  

Circles with Numbers 2Put yourself in the user’s shoes

When you are refreshing your ads always ask yourself these questions first: [custom_list]
  • Am I in the right place?
  • Does this look like a trustworthy site?
  • Where should I go next?
  • How long will this process take?
  • Should I click the back button?

Circles with Numbers 3Know your promotional keywords

Are you offering a discount or promotional offer? Depending on the industry, using words like “blowout” can dramatically change the effectiveness of your ads. Creativeness goes a long way. If you think you are the first to offer a free trial or promotion..think again. Most of your competitors are probably offering the same things, giving users very few reasons to convert. Give an innovative and helpful tool or maybe a code for savings or free download. Give something new or something you have never even thought to offer before and do it for a limited time only. This creates a sense of urgency and you may be surprised by the results.  

Circles with Numbers 4CTA should always be clear and concise

Your call to action should spell it out for users. Tell them exactly what you want them to do and then make it easy for them to do it. You want something that will immediately grab reader’s interest and make them want more. (This is also where good testing comes in) Avoid using vague statements like “click here” or “read more”. Even if your current call to action is something like “Get a 30 day free trial”, there is still one more step you can take. By simply adding, “Sign-up here to get a 30 day free trial” you will be amazed by the results. You may think your call to action is crystal clear, but try A/B split testing to see which words are more effective for your campaigns.

Circles with Numbers 5Create dedicated pages

There is nothing more frustrating than committing to sign-up or attempting to make a purchase, only to be taken to an irrelevant landing page. A dedicated page that matches your call to action, design, and message is of the utmost importance. Users look for these signals to ultimately make the decision as to whether or not they trust what you have to offer and want to proceed. If all of your campaign ads go to your homepage, then you need to create specific, dedicated, relevant pages that correspond with your ads. This will give a higher click through rate and generate more conversions.   If you can apply some of these PPC tips to your current ad campaigns, you will more than likely see an impact in CTR and conversions. One key piece of advice for moving forward would be don’t assume your ads are already completely optimized for success. Like you saw in the ad above, even the most minor updates can give a serious boost.