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What Do PPC, SEO and Content Marketing Have In Common?

SEO PPC and Content

Content Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, and Pay Per Click Marketing are all complex marketing formats used by internet marketers. They are as different as night and day and each takes a certain skill set which makes it difficult to find a person who can do all three effectively. That takes a Marketing Consultant like the professionals at Dynamic Search, one of the leaders in internet marketing and online marketing solutions. Yet as different as these three complex processes are, there is one common denominator that holds them together, a single, shared commonality that each of them rely upon for success. Have you guessed correctly? If you said that they all rely upon Keywords, you hit the nail right on the head. Keywords are a vital part of the success a marketer can have using these three important marketing programs.  

Keywords and Content Marketing

Content Marketing is a crucial part of a marketing campaign. Most people will tell you that it is Google’s new algorithm named Panda that should get credit for this. The fact of the matter is that content has always played a major role in our campaigns. Keywords that are embedded within the content are what make it possible for potential customers to locate us. Keyword stuffing simply looks and reads poorly. It is the researched Keywords that are strategically placed in engaging content that are at the heart of successful content marketing. [custom_frame_center] Content marketing[/custom_frame_center]  

Keywords and Pay Per Click Marketing

The advertisement aspect of Pay Per Click Marketing relies upon keywords and yet while ads are the draw, keyword optimization of the products is also very important. It takes a perfect keyword ratio to render the perfect pay per click campaign. Too few keywords and less people will find you. Too many keywords run the risk of a Google reprimand, which may be severe. Why risk it when the perfectly balanced keyword saturation scenario is within your grasp? [custom_frame_left] PPC keywords [/custom_frame_left]  

Keywords and Search Engine Optimization

When it comes to SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, having the right keywords is essential if you want to accomplish your goals. Your keywords in Search Engine Optimization encompass a wide area of placement over which it is essential to find balance. Your title, subtitles, metatags, keyword saturation and meta descriptions, and a half a dozen other areas all come into play when using SEO. Keyword research is the key. [custom_frame_right] seo keywords[/custom_frame_right]  

The Function of Keywords

The function of keywords or keyword phrases in all three of the marketing applications is in the description of content. They are extremely useful in helping search engines to index pages. When a person wants to find something on the internet, they type in the word or words that they believe best describes that for which they are looking- hopefully your keywords match up.   The more we use the various search engines, the more we learn which type of keywords and keyword phrases produce the best results. When searching in Google, the more specific the keyword or phrase, the more relevant the results. A more generalized search brings a wider range of options. It is this specific type of keyword search upon which all three of the marketing tools above thrive. In Pay Per Click, Search Engine Optimization, and Content Marketing, the most important aspect of success is in the amount of research you perform on the keywords used. That is the link that ties these three highly regarded marketing tools together.