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Effective Guest Blogging: How To

Guest Blogging to Build Exposure

One of the best ways to build exposure for your site, promote your website throughout the internet, and enhance SEO it is through guest blogging. Guest blogging is perhaps one the most innovative ways to build relationships with fellow companies in similar industries, all while marketing your business. We have put together a few tips on how to guest blog effectively and how to generate the most exposure for both your blog and business.  

Find related blogs

There are many internet marketing companies that will pair up bloggers in their field. There are however, ways to find your own sites to guest blog with. Simply search “Write for us (insert field here)” or “Guest Post (insert field here)” on a search engine (as seen in the example below). There should be many opportunities listed to choose from for your guest blog post. [custom_frame_left] How to Guest Blog [/custom_frame_left]

Don’t write to sell

When writing a guest blog, it is important to remember, you are not selling your business on someone else’s website, you are appealing to the reader’s interest, while back-linking to your page. You should write with the intention to inform and entertain the reader, and if they like what they see, they can click on a backlink directed to your site. This will also help with SEO.  

Share the blog wherever you can

If you are on multiple social media sites, as you should be, take advantage of the resources presented to you!  When sharing a guest blog, exposure is directed to the host’s site, while connecting them to your blog and eventually your site. Many internet marketing companies can help spread the blog as well, and using this strategy is a surefire way to boost exposure.  

Interact with the readers

The best way to show appreciation towards the readers is to interact with them. If anyone comments on the blog post, reply back to help form better relationships, and the stronger relationships that are created the higher the odds are that this person will visit your site.  

Include Keywords

This is important so be sure to remember it. The use of keywords will not only boost SEO efforts but will help increase exposure for your blog post. The more frequently the keyword is used in the blog, the higher the chance it will be found when the keyword is searched. This is a strategy performed by many internet marketing companies and can greatly help grow your exposure for both your blog and website.