Small Business SEO

Small business SEO is generally ignored by startups. This is detrimental to your success in any market and in any industry – you must have a solid web presence in order to measure up to your potential. Dynamic Search can help you achieve your goals and increase your sales through improving your ranking in Google search results.

Small Business SEO Tactics

Small business SEO is generally all about location – aka local SEO service marketing. While some small businesses operate globally, most of them operate on a local level. To that end, we work with small businesses to increase their local web presence. Fret not, if you operate globally – we can help with that as well. There are several things that need to be done in order for people to easily find your business locally:On-page optimization refers to the appearance and content of your website. Your Google Places listing is your local listing on Google. Other directory listings also help your ranking. In addition, the more keyword based reviews you have for your website the higher your ranking will be.All of these tasks require knowledge regarding how to generate content that will be picked up by search engines, primarily Google. Dynamic Search relies on this knowledge and more to ensure that your goals are met. Any local SEO effort also requires knowledge and expertise in dealing with Google’s algorithm. You must have knowledge of how Google ranks sites, and be able to optimize your site and internet marketing accordingly to see results. Dynamic Search has proven time and again that it has, and employs, said knowledge and expertise.

Competing with the Big Dogs

One of the challenges most small businesses struggle with is the ability to compete with larger companies and corporations that operate in the same field or area. These companies have infinite resources to spend on their marketing efforts, whereas you may have a minimal marketing budget. Still, you have to compete with them on their level in order to be successful. You can compete with the big dogs and still remain on a tight budget with successful small business SEO. If a larger, well established company has held the number one spot in Google for some time, it may be difficult to conquer it from them. However, “difficult” does not mean impossible. You simply have to do everything better and more effectively than other companies. This is where our knowledge and expertise come into play. We are thoroughly familiar with Google’s ranking criteria. We also know how to play on those criteria using only white hat SEO tactics. This means that your search engine optimization efforts are completely legitimate and in line with Google’s guidelines and ethics. A lot of large companies get their number one spot by paying for it, one way or another, usually not through black-hat SEO methods. This is your opportunity to gain an advantage – organic, white-hat SEO is always better than black-hat SEO. In short, it takes a well rounded marketing plan to drive your site all the way to the top spot in search results. This can be accomplished with perseverance and know-how. To learn more about what Dynamic Search can do for you company and how we employ small business SEO methods, contact us today.