The Future of SEO

A Peek into Future SEO Changes

Many people believe that search engine optimization is constant. The fact is… the practices we used last year have already evolved, as will the ones that will be used in the coming months thanks to Hummingbird and its inevitable updates. Your SEO efforts should be as uniform and constant as possible in order to facilitate the evolutionary changes that are sure to come.Web design is obviously also important and as a general rule of thumb, your website’s design should reflect this. Your design should be something that visitors will have an easy time using and one that they will want to share with their friends, bookmark, and re-visit often. As long as you are working hard to ensure that your website’s users are well informed through a constant barrage of interesting and informative content, and provide a great online experience through an interactive and easy to use website design, it is almost guaranteed that your site can achieve its popularity goals and not be affected by the evolution of SEO. Most of the time, people are curious about what the big brains at Google are working on. As we all know, things in the SEO world can quickly change and we have an inside scoop on what to expect in the upcoming months. In a word… content.

Penguin 2.0

Remember how you had to brace yourself for the coming of Google updates… “Penguin? Referred to as Penguin the Black Hat Executioner, 1.0 was a scary release for all of the black hatter SEO criminals and they scattered like roaches with the light suddenly turned on. As we know, Penguin gives direction on the current accepted SEO practices and in effect targets black hat techniques. Penguin 2.0 just went live and is now attempting to sweep up any remaining scammers. It is, of course, more comprehensive than its predecessors and you can expect it to delve deeper and have even more impact than the previous Penguin releases.

Advertising and Page Rank

You’ve probably seen websites that take money, link to websites, and consequently pass Page Rank. Well, this practice may not be sustainable for a long time. Advertorials sometimes violate the guidelines of quality and when someone pays for an ad, coverage usually flows to Page Rank. Efforts are in place to ensure that advertorials follow quality. There is nothing wrong with native advertising or advertorials; however, they should not be allowed to flow Page Rank. Clear disclosure should be published to ensure that users could identify paid, editorial, and organic search engine results. Google’s enormous foot is already coming down on these frowned upon practices.

Search Results

While Google tries its best to interpret what you are looking for, a lot still has to be done. Many people have complained about poorly interpreted search results especially with searches such as ‘payday loans.’ The Hummingbird is the biggest step to date that Google has taken to examine the context of a query rather than the keywords within. Information cards are already becoming very popular as we search and are provided with the answer above the links that provide even more in-depth results.

search results


Content and website design have suddenly become more important than many even thought possible.

Combating Spam

Spam is a major problem on the web and methods are being put in place to combat spam effectively. It is said that some very nice ideas have been discussed to deny the value of spam linking and those who send spam links as well. These changes, as well as a refined link analysis system are a reality now. While this system is still in its early stage, it is one that many of us will benefit from and we cannot wait to see what Google has in store for us in the upcoming Hummingbird updates. Google must now rise to the challenges it has set for itself and prove just how effective and sustainable these changes will be. What other tricks Google has up its sleeve remains to be seen but we hope it tackles more thoroughly the problem of hacked sites.

Protecting Hacked Sites

The detection of hacked sites is set to be more capable and this may come sooner than many of us expect. Better communication with webmasters will also be enhanced because many times there is confusion between sites that have been hacked and those that serve up malware. Rumor has it that a one-stop shop is to be established where if you realize that your site has been hacked, you will visit webmaster tools in order to get more information on how to sort out the problem and clean up the site. You may be surprised at what is already up and ready on Google’s extremely helpful “Webmaster’s Tools” website. Google will also be looking at ways to provide concrete details to webmasters. These mainly include example URLs which can be used by the webmasters to figure out how to diagnose their sites.

Enhancing Quality Content

If you are in the business of producing high quality content, you have no reason to worry. You are already in that place that Google is still heading. However… if black hat forums are your hang out, then you can brace yourself for tougher times ahead. There is going to be more detection of those who are authorities in certain niches and this could be any category from travel to medicine. The idea is to help increase rankings for those in authority, making results more appropriate for users.

Results Page Clean Up

clean up spam

Many people complain that the deeper they go with the results page, the more cluster clutter they encounter from one domain. These are the people who are big on “complain” and short on checking what has been done. There are improvements now if you only take the time to notice. It is now less likely that you will see cluster results on the first page. Host clustering and crowding is continually being refined and there have already been changes that have received positive feedback from users.

So far, those are just some of the SEO changes that you can enjoy, benefit from, and master. These are just rough snapshots and as we mentioned, things change quite fast meaning even more changes could develop this year. Some of the major improvements will be in areas such as black hat spam as these will be harder to show. Webmasters and small to medium sized businesses are also going to benefit a lot from these evolved SEO changes.