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Web marketing and SEO, where it’s heading?

Web Marketing and SEO; Where’s It Heading? Everywhere you turn, people are talking about all of the changes that Google has made to their algorithms and search engine ranking process. There are three reasons why pondering Google’s actions is getting us nowhere:  

    1. No one can control what Google has done or is going to do. Why continue to fret over spilled algorithms?
    2. Believe it or not, Google is not the only search engine in town; they are just the biggest. If they were to take their ball and go home, the rest of us would continue to play with a slightly smaller ball.
    3. The real question should not be about what Google has done to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Internet Marketing, the real question should be, what is the future of SEO and Internet marketing? Where is it heading and what can we do to prepare?
  Well, let’s look at that because there are only a few things that can happen that would make any sense (not that Google is big on making sense or explaining itself).   With social networking coming on so strong for so long, it would only make sense that either search engines are going to morph into some kind of social networking model, or a separate social search engine algorithm is going to emerge, taking business and pleasure in two separate directions. Since the social networking sites are beginning to tune into the idea of business to consumer interaction (for example, Facebook business pages), one would think that the first of these two options would be the most likely.   It would make sense from a search engine’s standpoint to incorporate social page rankings into its formulation rather than to splinter into both SEO social marketing and SEO business marketing. Web marketing and SEO are already expanding into the social arena in such a way as to have social blogging a part of the services offered in ecommerce optimization packages. This includes the minimization of keywords used for those endeavors.   If, however, a new and completely separate search engine entity were to emerge aside from the search engines that we know today, an entirely new era of SEO could begin. The new search engine would have to be one with its own set of rules for how a social business page ranks on a social search engine. It would also have to find a way to bridge the gap between social networking and business Web Marketing. This would not preclude a way for Google and other search engines to make money through pay-for-rankings that would produce inorganic results.   The final option is the most likely, and is good news for SEO and the future of web marketing with social ramifications; a search engine that is content-driven with link analysis algorithms fading into the background. While page linking is always going to play some part in how web marketing techniques help rank business websites, algorithms like Salsa and even Google’s own Pagerank will play less of a role. New algorithms will likely take into account social linking, content driven businesses that are less keyword specific and more key content aware.   If all of this seems more like science fiction that the future of SEO and web marketing, just try to imagine what we thought when the internet’s first search engine began deciding what website ranked higher than others did. Better yet, imagine what Persian Mathematician Al-Khwarizmi, (the father of Algebra) Alan Turing, and Alonzo Church (Theory of the algorithms creators) would think if they could see us now.