Why Is SEO So Confusing?

Do you remember the days when had Jeeves to help users and Google was just another gibberish term? Throughout the past 20 years, the World Wide Web has grown to be far more confusing and vast than we could have ever imagined. The Internet has millions of websites and achieving the top ranking of the most widely used search engine in the world can be quite a challenge. Luckily, as confusing as it can be, there are SEO companies who help other firms solve their SEO needs.   The origin of the internet can be traced back to the 1950’s but it did not revolutionize our society until the mid-1990s. During this revolution, more and more businesses were building an online presence and the search engine was born. As the concept of the search engine grew over the years, so did the prospect of internet marketing. As advertisers saw search engines grow rapidly, receiving far more attention than any other websites, a new form of marketing began…, a form known as search engine optimization (SEO).  

In the beginning, SEO was much simpler because the internet was simple at that time. Since the internet began to grow so rapidly and sites like Google gained more and more visitors, a need was identified to enable the growth of the search algorithm to provide more relevant search results to the public. This is when SEO began to become more confusing. Google’s search algorithm is constantly evolving and it is important to stay updated with your website and SEO strategies. It can be tough as a small business owner to be worried about keeping your page at the top of Google SERPs. The constant research on keywords that need to be updated is necessary, but laborious.   While continuous research is important for your business to stay afloat in the SEO community, there are sites that can help with strategy and tactics. There are many resources available to us and utilizing them would be to our advantage. These tools include:   All of these sites are great resources when it comes to learning about SEO and applying it to a website. Not only do some of these sites offer services to help manage an SEO strategy, many also offer blogs that provide knowledge and insight on how to build your company using SEO. This is an essential aspect to internet marketing, and a great alternative to PPC campaigns. While both can be encouraged, SEO is typically a more cost efficient option. As it may be confusing at first, it is important to form a strategy to ensure that the resources provided help with a productive SEO campaign.