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Facebook Updates Cause Business Page’s Organic Reach To Take a Hit

Facebook Updates Cause Business Page’s Organic Reach To Take a Hit

Recent Changes to Advertising on Facebook

We all know Facebook dominates the social media world and businesses are cashing in on this trend. With all the recent Facebook updates, it’s hard to keep track of exactly how to go about promoting your page. Recent updates to advertising allow business owners to really hone in on their target market and deliver tailored messages through paid advertising  However, they have dramatically impacted business pages by pushing updates down the news feed. This lowers the organic reach for business postings and for some this can even be as low as 1-2%.

FB Insights

No more organic reach

The translation in all of this is that the free advertising businesses once counted on are now extremely limited in effectiveness and reach, thus, causing serious advertisers to pay up if they want a guaranteed amount of reach for their ads, leaving small businesses in the dust. As you can imagine, the announcement of this change was not well received and not without frustration. While this change may not have a great effect on larger-scale corporations, small businesses have already taken a hit. You can no longer assume that your posts will be seen by your fans organically. In fact, many businesses have already seen their numbers take a hit. Facebook is definitely taking a risk of losing some serious advertising dollars as businesses may take their money elsewhere.


Still want to use Facebook’s Paid Advertising?

Without a doubt, Facebook is still the reigning champ when it comes to marketing through social media. If you are sticking with Facebook and trying to figure out where to begin, paid ads are now going to be your best bet. What’s great about online marketing efforts is through platforms like Facebook, you can test ads on a smaller scale if you choose to gain initial insight on whether or not it’s being well-received. Before you waste a lot of money on a campaign, give it a test run, see where your kinks are, and work them out first. This saves large companies a lot of time and money.


  “Why should I pay Facebook, you ask?”…


Circles with Numbers one

Paid Advertising is still the crème of the crop when it comes to marketing to a specific target market.  It is the best way to ensure your messages are getting in front of the right people.

Circles with Numbers 2Yes, you are paying for these ads, but you choose how much to spend and control the entire campaign.  Facebook has made this a very user-friendly process to date and easily maneuverable for everyone from CEO’s to mom-and-pop shop owners.

Circles with Numbers 3

Facebook advertising features a multitude of options today. Facebook Insights allows you to see all your posts and review how well they were received by your audience making it a fast way to set-up and run.

Circles with Numbers 4

Now, the old Facebook rules were particularly strict about the content in the “cover photo” image used.  Fairly recently, these rules have changed and it’s now acceptable to include text and other business information in the image design, giving another reason as to why Facebook is still a good place to invest capital.

If you can afford Paid Advertising it’s definitely beneficial for businesses big and small, without a doubt. Among social media networking sites, Facebook is still the largest contributing force for product sales on the web. Recent changes have made advertisers cautious about where to put their money and this update probably won’t be the last.


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