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Facebook Marketing & Social Advertising

Facebook Marketing & Social Advertising

There are many ways to utilize Facebook as an effective marketing tool. A company/organization page is a smart way to begin. This type of page can be created under a personal account. Once established, the page can be used to spread awareness, offer deals, share online content, and engage with current and potential customers.


Although it is a great idea and can be very beneficial to have a fan page on Facebook, advertising can take a business’ online marketing to the next level. Facebook advertising can be a valuable marketing tool for businesses to utilize in their web marketing campaigns. With over 584 million active daily Facebook users and over 1 billion active monthly Facebook users, Facebook and email are the top two ways to share information online. Although Google and other search engines can display ads according to what a person is searching for, Facebook can display ads on their website before a person even begins their search.


Demographic Data

This is possible because Facebook stores a large amount of demographic data for each of its users. This data can include age, education, interests, likes, and more. Using this information, Facebook targets specific ads to specific users so that individuals who may be interested are sure to see them. As a result, the clicks on these ads create awareness for products and brands that are applicable to the consumer. Thus, these clicks can drive relevant traffic to the advertisers’ website.


By advertising through Facebook, a company’s ads can be directly targeted to the ideal audience, before they even begin to search for the product or service. Because of this success, a number of marketers claim that Facebook is essential to their business. Additionally, the number of marketers that make this claim has increased significantly in the last few years.


Advertising Shift

Facebook is currently hoping that a shift will occur from the search engine advertising trend towards a social advertising trend. Facebook’s current goal is to translate its current users into customers for its advertisers.


In addition to creating brand awareness, a good amount of both Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Consumer (B2C) Facebook advertisers have succeeded in gaining one or more customers through Facebook advertising. With millions of active mobile users, Facebook members can view advertisements from anywhere. Google advertising simply cannot capitalize on the demographic data that Facebook retains, which shows that Facebook could be more effective at online advertising.


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