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How to Use Social Networks to Increase Blog Community

How to Use Social Networks to Increase Blog Community

There are numerous social networks available that can help to increase blog community and traffic. These tips and tricks can also act as guidelines for using social media to increase brand awareness, for sharing content and links, and to foster relationships with current and potential clients. Some of these tools include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+.


Social Networks Key Aspects

  • It is important to make initial connections with members of the target audience.
  • Engaging by responding to people, answering and asking questions, and sharing relevant content is a great way to gain trust and leadership.
  • By sharing relevant and useful information, a company can establish themselves as an authority in the industry.
  • Posting on networks on a regular basis (1 time per week minimum on each social network) is essential in order to maintain a steady flow of content and conversation.
  • It is important to reach out in a genuine manner, not just for the purpose of promoting your blog. This shows that a company is on a social network for the true reason that these networks exist: to engage with people and to share relevant content, whether it is from the company or otherwise.
  • Social networks are the perfect platform to post questions and answers and to share tips and tricks. By doing so, further authority can be established for a company.
  • A company can even engage with competitors, because their fans will see you!



Facebook has quite a few options available for businesses, organizations, artists, etc. to promote their website and to engage with the public. First, Facebook offers the ability to make a fan page. facebook for business blogThis can be done for businesses, non-profit organizations, or any club or other entity. Through the fan page, an organization can share content on a regular basis, engage in conversation with fans and followers, and post pictures and links to external content. In addition, Facebook also offers paid advertising options. One other social networks platform that is very similar to Facebook is Google+.



Twitter is a great tool for engaging in conversation and information sharing with the public. With Twitter it is important to always post interesting and useful content that is related to the organization’s services. It is okay, and even encouraged, to post links to a company’s own blog posts with enticing titles and appropriate tags, although it is important to not always link to the organization or company’s
twitter for business blog
website. Posting should be done to provide information that engages with the twittersphere and provides valuable content that people will want to read. When posting a link, it is a good idea to use a link shortening service like bitly or tinyurl in order to reduce the amount of characters used in the link. There is also the option to post pictures on Twitter, even further engaging with others. Lastly, follow others and engage in conversation with them! Re-tweet, respond to tweets, and share information; all of this helps to get a brand noticed.



LinkedIn is much more professional of the social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, therefore actions on LinkedIn should be treated as such. LinkedIn is a great platform to connect with others, whether they are potential clients, friends, colleagues, or other people in your niche market. LinkedIn also has a “Groups” feature, where a person can join groups related to their field of work or interests, or even groups for where the person went to school, including alumni associations. There is also a tool on LinkedIn where questions can be posted and any LinkedIn member can post their answer. The “Groups” and the “Answers” can be great tools in order to get noticed; by posting relevant content and answering questions, one can establish themselves as a leader in the niche market. In addition, LinkedIn is a great platform to use to share useful blog posts with your connections and your groups.

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