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LinkedIn Outreach: 5 commons mistakes that are hurting your efforts

LinkedIn Outreach: 5 commons mistakes that are hurting your efforts

Five LinkedIn Outreach Mistakes That You Are Probably Making


For B2B, LinkedIn is an essential piece of the outreach pie. LinkedIn’s Inmail, (for premium members) allows you to send messages to member profiles and also relays the message to the account holder’s email address. For B2B marketers looking to connect, LinkedIn is incredibly useful. The mass amount of communication outreach prospects is huge and the best part is you don’t have to be privy to any of their location or contact information. Regardless of your goals for reaching out, LinkedIn makes it convenient for those of you who are trying to make business connections.

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If you have attempted LinkedIn outreach, without much to show for it, it’s more than likely you sounded more like a greedy salesperson than a genuinely interested partner to connect with. If you haven’t received responses back, or less than kind replies, then this may be the reason why. Maybe you followed along with the best outreach practices, and your attempts lacked intrigue and got lost in the sea of B2B LinkedIn outreach. This is not uncommon and chances are, you have likely received similar emails if you are in the B2B world. It’s always a good idea to ask yourself this one question before hitting that send button, “Would I respond to this email?” If the answer is no, read on for some clues as to why you aren’t succeeding.


 Whatever category you may fall into, take a look at some of the common mistakes you are probably making:


Circles with Numbers one If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck, it is a duck. If you sound like a salesperson, you probably are, or at least this is the assumption made. Sales pitch outreach efforts are annoying and let me tell you, they are easy to smell from a mile away. No one likes a bragosaurus and if you can count on two hands the number times you reference yourself in the conversation, you will be thrown in the trash faster than you can say it. Outreach is about benefiting mutually among both parties and working together. You have to show your fellow B2B prospects that you aren’t just looking to reap the rewards and run.

Circles with Numbers 2So you’ve shown how working together benefits both businesses, you explained all about everything you can offer, and it came to be about ten pages long. Delete. No one has time to sit a read a novel. Be brief and concise and state in the first sentence exactly what it is you want and what you can offer them.


Circles with Numbers 3If you are not utilizing what LinkedIn is all about…connections… then you probably aren’t going to get very far in the outreach process. Leverage mutual connections you share on LinkedIn. People are much more likely to respond when they see you are connected with people they know and respect.


If yoCircles with Numbers 4u introduce your business, explain what you have to offer, and then sign-off without giving a clear indication of what you want, the connection will be deleted. Create a clear call to action. Business owners, CEO’s, Directors, and the alike, don’t have time to sift through messages and pick out what it is you are asking for-and they won’t! Stand out from the crowd and make your offerings interesting.


Circles with Numbers 5Don’t reach out blindly to people whom you are asking to invest valuable time reading and responding to your requests. This is most important of all; know to whom you are reaching out! This may seem overtly obvious, but you have no idea how far a little initial research goes. Show that you are genuinely interested and have invested some of your own time prior to reaching out. It’s always that much more impressive to business owners when you can say, I know exactly what your business is about, I like what you have to offer, and this is why I chose to contact you.


Wrapping it up…

LinkedIn is about networking and cultivating business connections. Show the value in what you bring to the table, but also recognize the value in your fellow B2B colleagues. If you aren’t clear with your call to action and interesting in your delivery, expect your messages to be skipped right over. Talk about mutual connections because you never know how strongly these connections can play in your favor. More than likely, it will be to your benefit to do so.


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  1. Hello. Nice article. In a world of digital connections where connections rarely meet face to face, my call to action is to actually meet to learn more about the other person before I even know if what I do can benefit them. I have found in the past that some people are content with having a list of names in their network and never reaching out to them to do business or develop a deeper professional relationship or friendship. What are your thoughts on that?

    • I agree Richard, having big virtual circles doesn’t benefit much on the personal level and in many cases very little with business. However, when you have a desirable product/service and know how to attract the right attention, it can be you best tool in the arsenal.

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