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Three Reasons Why Everyone Should Have Celebrated Social Media Day

Three Reasons Why Everyone Should Have Celebrated Social Media Day

Social Media Day Celebrations for All

On June 30, 2013, Social Media Day was celebrated. It was a day to commemorate the good and wonderful things that social media has done for all of us, even those who choose not to participate.

How many people really realize the significance of social media? It is lovely to hear of long lost loves and friends found, families reunited, and true love matches made though social websites, but perhaps many of us have missed a bigger picture here. With the world being more closely connected, is social media a part of something that we never speak about because we think it impossible? Here are three very real reasons to celebrate Social Media Day.

  • The possibility of a One World Global Community
  • The unique ability to experience other cultures
  • A historic first: Consumer/Marketer interaction


One Planet… Earth

social media connects us

Gene Roddenberry was on the right track when he created the United Federation of Planets. Earth, the founder, was a place where all countries had come together for the good of man. The earth was one world with one government, of the people, by the people, and for the people. Could social media be the start of something we never dreamed would actually happen? If there were ever a platform that could launch a planetary community, it would be one much like Facebook.


An Educational Journey in Cultures

Social Media allows us to create our own internet as we see fit and then share ourselves with others across the world. These are such huge steps that very few of us even realize we have taken them

We know a person, a friend, who has a mere 119 friends on his FaceBook account. Most would say he is missing something. He would tell you it is the quality of the friends that counts. He has friends in Germany, Australia, Wales, England, and 92 other distinctly different locations on this planet. Who is missing out, the person with a thousand friends with whom they are mildly acquainted, or our friend who connected with a hundred friends from a hundred cultures across the globe? Social Media makes it easy to keep in contact with friends and family who are abroad.


A Closer Bond for Business and Consumer

For the first time in the history of advertising and marketing, the consumer has a voice and they are not afraid to use it. Thanks to social media, marketing efforts have to include people in their campaigns. The human side of business is emerging. Information about companies, brands, and products are beginning to flow. Real people can now ask open, honest questions and businesses are responding with open and honest answers.

This is historic because it has never been done before. We may complain about the 8 minutes of commercials we sit through four times during Survivor, but we will not hesitate to find your Facebook Business Page and give you a like and a share if we enjoy your products.



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