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Ways to Increase your Social Counters

Ways to Increase your Social Counters

Are you ready to accumulate more Likes for your Business?

Most websites are connected to one or more social media platforms. Social media has established a revolutionary campaign… one that has united us all on the different platforms we use to connect with one another. As a result, social media marketing has an impact on every person who uses it. All businesses like to see their following on the various social networks increase. With that said, the following are some suggestions for increasing your online social counters.



Facebook is BOSS among the social media websites. Most people, business agencies, food chains, professional organizations, and different public and private firms have chosen Facebook for their social media marketing purpose. However, the race is not to just market your business here, you also need to increase your Facebook likes in order to have a better standing among your competitors. Here is how that is achieved.


Invite People and Friends:

After creating an attention-grabbing page, your very first step would be to invite people (including friends). Remember! Your friends would “like” your page, but they will only take interest in your page if you have already added something extra, something attracting, and/or something unique. You would need to stay focused and add relative information about your business.

Facebook Ads—An enhanced feature for Marketing:

Facebook offers paid services to its users who want to use “Facebook Ads” for marketing their business. Try to manage your Facebook ad and page accordingly to get a higher number of Facebook Likes.

Interact with your clients:

As your Facebook page likes increase, so does the likelihood that your new fans will comment on your page. Do not hesitate to respond to their comments, questions, and/or concerns!




Increasing your twitter followers can be as easy as adopting a few simple methods. Some of the methods to increase your Twitter followers include but are not limited to the following.


Link Your Twitter Profile:

A powerful way to increase your Twitter followers is to link your business website with your Twitter profile. You could even install a live Twitter feed on your website, enticing your visitors to leave tweets.

Banner Ads:

Create banner ads of your profile on different blogs and websites. This feature can be paid or free depending upon which source you use for promoting your website.

Follow Others:

Following others on Twitter could be helpful way to increase your audience. Let others know what you offer and what your goals are. Try to follow as many people as you can and then post about your business. Post links to your website on Twitter to help other Twitter members find your business’ website. Create a company entity on Twitter to follow and attract followers.




LinkedIn is a professional social media website that offers a platform to millions of professionals to connect and perform their professional activities.


LinkedIn Profile:

To increase your connections on LinkedIn, you need to have a very impressive profile. Your profile should describe your objective(s), education, professional career, skills, expertise, and your certifications. A detailed profile is more attention grabbing as compared to a summarized profile on LinkedIn. This should be your primary goal in order to increase your connections.

Join Professional Groups:

In order to increase your connections, you can join different professional groups related to your area of expertise. Once a group member, participate in different discussions within the group and add posts to your profile to share to the group. This will not only build your credibility, it will also help you to increase your connections on LinkedIn.


Google Plus

Google+ is the newest addition to the world of social media. Google+ offers its users the option to connect globally to different people. A unique technique used by Google+ is to introduce the use of Google+ circles. You can add different people in your circle just like adding friends on Facebook.


Google+ Pages:

Similar to Facebook, Google+ also allows its users to create pages for their marketing their business. Google+ pages could be a resourceful way to promote your business and increase your likes.

Link your Website:

One of the easiest ways to gain followers is to link your Google+ page to your website and any other online profiles that you may have. This makes it easy for your current fans and followers to find and become engaged in your Google+. It is called creating your Google Authority and it starts with linking your Google + profile to your website. This can be easily done by following the instruction on this link!



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