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Some of Our Satisfied Clients:

I was talking to Asher Elran, who distinguished himself by the fact that he listened more than he spoke.
Then, when he spoke, it was to convey carefully considered ideas that were devoid of hyperbole.
If anyone were to ask me: “Should I use these guys as my marketing arm?”, my answer would be as follows: “From what I’ve seen so far, if Dynamic Search can’t put a sales afterburner behind the engine of your business, then you would probably be well advised to re-examine your business model and the assumptions that underlie it. So far, they have conducted themselves with remarkable professionalism.”

– Brian Bloom
We bumped into Dynamic Search through a friend’s recommendation, which is considered to be the best way to connect to service providers, and again – didn’t fail.
The team at Dynamic Search is a groups of devoted professionals, who have natural hunger to the online marketing field, and that therefore brings them to be experts in anything relating to SEO, PPC and what’s around it.
They are quick responders, and always available to our needs.
On the practical side, we saw a great improvement on our organic search positions on, and these positions are steady since we are working with them.
I strongly recommend this company!”

– Nadav Ziv

CEO – Tellavista

As a relative newcomer to the internet world, the field of SEO and online marketing was new and mysterious to me. After thoroughly searching for professional companies and bodies, I found Dynamic Search.
The price was right, but I firmly believe that one does business with people, not quotes. From the first meeting I held with Ben, I knew these were the kind of people I want leading the project. The quick results coupled with personal care, thorough explanations and unparalleled devotion exhibited by the staff made any worries I may have had disappear.
Thank you very much for promoting my website at the highest level, on the long term. Your work has certainly paid off in terms of visibility, exposure and revenue.”

– Ofer Hirsh
CEO – Roll-up LTD
I have nothing but praise for Dynamic Search and the amazing work they do. Unlike most one-dimensional web marketing firms, Dynamic Search attacks from every angle. They start with a very thorough blueprint plan, which includes everything from updating site content and code to building links to helping acquire more customer reviews. Once they begin their work, they’re continuously adjusting for the latest changes in Google’s search algorithms to ensure that results last. What really differentiates Dynamic Search is their genuine concern about the success of their clients’ SEO performance – they go out of their way to ensure that their clients’ objectives are reached and the “needle moves”. I highly recommend them.”

– Dan Shank
Web Desiner
Working with Dynamic Search, and in particular with Asher is a pleasure. We find him very attentive, professional, and responsive to all our needs and requests. Since our knowledge and experience in SEO is very basic, having a professional consultant is very important. We always follow his recommendations. We’ve noticed results within a short time of working with Dynamic Search, and we highly recommend their services.”

– Ran Ben Refael
General Contractor
Dynamic Search invested a lot of time learning about our business and products so that they could execute a highly focused advertising campaign using the best methods appropriate to our business’s niche market. They actually had us sit down and think; a very rewarding process.
In just a few days, Bing searches went from almost zero to “first page matches” Stunning! Google “hits” have also improved to a large degree. We occasionally “bump” into articles or references that had never existed before. There is no question that Dynamic Search delivers results that can be easily seen.”

– Robert Baer
I am proud to attest that Dynamic Search is a professional and goal-oriented company. As a senior web analyst, I know that the company utilizes the most advanced analytical tools available today. All the clients I’ve forwarded to them have done nothing but rave about Dynamic Search’s services, customer care and results.”

– Vicky Levant
Senior Web Analyst
Asher Elran is the Owner of Dynamic Search, whom I am honored to write a review for. His professionalism and generosity far exceeds his competition, demonstrating quality leadership needed for future entrepreneurs. It has been my pleasure getting to know Asher, who optimized both websites and SEO’s for the FACSA Foundation, which is critical for the success of a grassroots, non-profit organization. Thank you Asher and Dynamic Search for your excellence of service.”

– Connie Lee
FACSA Foundation/Founder/President
Asher is a true professional in the fullest sense of the word. He is very responsive to any request that you have of his services and approaches the your problem with the “right” solution. Asher is very energetic and always projects a positive attitude. He is a joy to work with and delivers the result. I would recommend using Asher Elran with Dynamic Search to any business requiring his marketing services.”

– Cathy Judge
General Manager, Corporate Office Centers

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Dynamic Search™ is a web marketing agency located in Phoenix, Arizona. Founded in 2006, we have since grown to become a leading force in the internet marketing industry. Our main focus lies in assisting our clients to obtain and retain customers through innovative internet marketing strategies.

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