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Competitive Analysis Report

Competitive Analysis ReportIn today’s business world, understanding your competition is more important than ever. This is crucial for building internet marketing strategies as well as other aspects of your business. Not only should you understand who your competition is, but you should also know exactly what they provide their customers, and the marketing and business practices they use to do this.

Gathering this information can be difficult and time consuming for someone who is not familiar with the process. Enter Dynamic Search. We can provide you with a complete competitive analysis report in just four days.


What is Included in the Report

The report includes many key factors that you should know in order to make good business and marketing decisions. The report demonstrates a complete picture of your competition. What you do with this information is up to you.

Our competition analysis report begins by identifying your competitors.  This includes not only your immediate competitors, but competitors from other sectors as well. Even if a company is not in direct competition with you for specific products or services, they may be competing with you by offering a different and more efficient solution to the same problem you are currently dealing with.  At the same time, this indirect competition could be offering completely different products and services, but utilizing the same keywords and marketing tactics that you should be using. Knowing who your competitors are is half the battle.

The complete competitive analysis report will also provide you with information about what your competitors are offering to your potential customers. With this information, you’ll know if they are in direct or indirect competition with you. The report will also provide details about where the competition is in their marketing efforts.

How to Use the Report

Ultimately, the changes you make or don’t make are up to you.  These decisions help shape your current business and marketing strategy. However, the first thing most people do with their competitive analysis report is to use it to determine if what they are offering their customers is sufficient to compete with their competitors. You may want to ramp up your product or service in order to compete more effectively.

In addition, you will undoubtedly want to base your marketing strategy on what your competitors are doing. Of course, this is not the only relevant factor for developing your marketing strategy, but it is one of the most significant factors in making a difference. For example, if your competitors are using a specific widget on their websites, you may have to compete with them by developing a similar strategy that conforms to industry standards.

If you are unsure of how your competition affects your search engine marketing strategy, you can always ask our professionals for a consultation session in order to determine the best way to develop a strategy based on this information. They can take the information contained in your competitive analysis report and develop a strategy that allows you to compete effectively online and off-line. This is one of the reasons we provide this service.  We want you to be completely informed of the challenges you are facing in your marketing efforts, and want you to know the results to expect with current strategies. This report will assist you in making informed decisions about how to go forward with your business and marketing strategies, and hopefully obtain a larger market share and greater success.





  • Having a better understanding of your competitor’s actions
  • Recognizing how to preserve your competitive advantage
  • Being aware of what they’re providing to clients

Duration 4 Days

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