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What Is SEO?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process of increasing online visibility in the organic search results. The SEO process consists of two parts that are equally important: on-page and off-page elements. On- page SEO is the process of reviewing a website and applying changes to improve overall website performance, including various code elements, Meta tags, server related issues, and overall content optimization to correspond with targeted keywords.  Off-page SEO is the process of gaining awareness, authority, and relevant traffic.  Off-page optimization is mostly done by content distribution through industry influencers and other trusted channels. Link building is commonly used in order to meet most of the organic marketing goals. Genuine link building/earning is done with the end user in mind, not the search engines. We work hard to keep and maintain your community and potential prospects entertained which leads to more connections, relevant traffic, and of course, links.


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Our Goal

Our main objective is to drive relevant, qualified traffic to increase the overall visibility of your website.  Throughout the process of creating new connections and business relationships, we make sure to uphold Google’s webmaster guidelines and SEO best practices. This ensures quality work and optimal safe results.

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The SEO Process:



  • Information gathering – current performance, competitors, niche, and any information we can gather before we start the actual research process
  • Competitive and niche research to discover strengths, weakness, and marketing strategies
  • Comprehensive keyword research including grouping, long tail, and undiscovered keywords with high commerciality


On-Page Opt

  • On-page analysis, including code, content, and server related issues
  • Internal and external link analysis to discover opportunities and link related issues that might cause devaluation
  • Conversion rate optimization to help improve a website’s overall conversions
  • On-page optimization executing all suggested changes after your approval



  • Content distribution plan and execution strategy  (brainstorming session)
  • Content creation (a dedicated native English speaker will be assigned to your account)
  • Outreach to key influencers and ongoing content distribution
  • Link discovery opportunities by monitoring multiple competitors
  • Engage and re-distribute


Monitoring & Reporting

  • Risk assessment and monitoring (Google webmaster tools, ahrefs, SEMRush)
  • Website security monitoring
  • Monthly progress report including traffic trends, distributed content, security and risk issues, and other important metrics pulled automatically from various sources


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What Others Think About Us

seo-testimonial-christian-singlesOnce hired, Dynamic Search conducted a thorough analysis of our website and succeeded in removing Google’s heavy penalty altogether. I’m convinced Dynamic Search services can be beneficial to any organization with web marketing needs for optimal ranking.

J Wright

Dynamic Search’s immense help was the best I have seen in the industry to date.  With many upcoming big plans, I feel secure and confident that Dynamic Search will be involved with my ongoing journey and future endeavors.

Bruce Cullen

seo-testimonial-tellavistaBen and Asher are devoted professionals who have a natural hunger for the online marketing field and are expert industry leaders. They are quick to respond and always available to address our needs. We saw a great improvement in our organic search positioning on Google.

Nadav Ziv
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How Do We Measure SEO Success?

SEO is evolving and the tools and methods used to measure results are constantly changing.  Today organic ranking increase is one important signal of success, but it is only a small piece of the puzzle.  SEO success is mainly measured by reaching defined goals, organic/referral traffic increase, and constant conversion improvement. We provide a comprehensive report that shows your progress over time and lists all the tasks we’ve successfully completed.


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How Much  Does SEO Cost?

Content management & distribution at Dynamic Search™ is calculated by man-hours, with a minimum of 30 hours per website and in increments of 15 hours as needed. See our pricing page here.

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