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Internet Marketing Consultant

Internet Marketing Consulting

internet marketing consultant One of the unique services that we offer is our consulting service. An experienced internet-marketing consultant is difficult to find. Many SEO companies do not provide consulting because they feel it takes away from their bottom line. However, we feel that it is important to help people achieve their internet marketing goals through an educational approach too.

Our consulting services best applies to businesses that want to do all of the online marketing work, but do not have the knowledge and expertise to do so. An internet-marketing consultant can provide you with much needed guidance so that your efforts are not in vain. Many people attempt to implement online marketing methods on their own, then fail to produce results. When you hire Dynamic Search, we analyze your current online marketing processes and offer suggestions for improvements based upon best practices and # years of experience.

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Dynamic Search offers a few different types of consulting services. Depending on your consulting needs, you will be assigned a competent and knowledgeable internet marketing consultant who will walk you through the steps to improve your efforts and help you achieve the results you are looking for.

Marketing Consulting Services

  • Web Analytics
  • PPC and Adwords
  • SEO
  • Conversion Optimization
  • Social Media


Web Analytics Consulting:

analytics consultingGet deep insight on how you can monitor and learn about your website’s performance using Google Analytics. Google Analytics is a sophisticated monitoring platform that provides us with extensive information to ascertain whether or not your website is performing at maximum potential, and most importantly, achieving maximum results. Google Analytics can be a very resourceful tool that you can use to your advantage if managed correctly. Understanding its functions and terminology takes years of experience, but its flexibility of allowing the creative testing process, manipulating and playing with numbers, setting goals, and studying that information results in higher conversion rates coming from your website. Being able to analyze your website’s performance with logs and reports on Google Analytics is equivalent to a fraction of the potential savings you will experience after implementing our recommended changes.

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PPC & AdWords Consulting:

PPC management consultingOur extensive knowledge and expertise in PPC & Adwords has given us the successful results we have achieved for our customers. We can testify that about 90% of self promoted PPC campaigns are not even close to achieving their full potential and work mostly as a means to loss of income.  In most of the cases where we have taken over PPC campaigns, our analysis reported over 50% of budget leakage. PPC & Adwords platforms allow for a great deal of flexibility leaving a lot of room for errors.  Anything less than complete comprehension of the data could end up costing you instead of bringing you returns for your money. Our consulting session includes a full analysis of your PPC & Adwords campaigns where we’ll pinpoint the areas that need modification, restructuring,   and go over best practices for optimal results.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Consulting:

SEO consultingMost of us cannot remember the last time we opened the yellow pages to look up a business.  Today, everyone uses the internet to find what we need, the question is; Can people find you? The integral part of online marketing is not just having a website; it is having a performing website that works as a marketing tool to increase your business’ revenue. SEO works by combining hundreds, if not thousands of factors that affect your website’s ranking on major search engines. We can schedule a time for a session that will provide you with a complete analysis of your website’s performance, all of the necessary information to understand the reasons behind your website’s current position, and supply a list of necessary changes.

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Conversion Optimization Consulting:

CRO consultingGenerating revenue has a lot to do with online visibility and recognition, but the key factor every business owner should concentrate on is conversions.  What good is it to have your website rank high on major search engines only to lose most visitors to the other sites listed below? Concentrating on conversions is an obvious, yet often ignored factor to increasing revenue. There are many factors involved in the process of converting visitors into clients, and the Dynamic Search angle of approach will teach you all the steps to get there

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Social Media Marketing Consulting:

social media management consulting

Social media’s impact on organizations has contributed to the overall success of getting the word out about their products or services.  Businesses are gradually learning the importance of establishing online presence. Already in the third decade of web marketing, this is considered the new “word of mouth.”  Understanding this and adapting to this form of marketing are two different things. Having a good social media marketing strategy involves more than just having several social websites to which you write updates. There are Important factors to consider like targeting the right audience, creating quality content to attract visitors, sharing information, collaborating with others, and much more. Our team has the required knowledge, experience and resources to help you achieve your social media management goals.

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