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Web-Marketing Modules

Web-Marketing Modules

Our Comprehensive, in depth web-marketing modules are designed for maximum visibility and substantial traffic growth.


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Marketing Modules to Build Your Custom Marketing Plan


Our Marketing Modules

Below is more information on each module. Click on the titles to expand for details…

Content Marketing (SEO)

Why SEO?

Quality content marketing increases online visibility and helps build authority and trust signals. Content distribution is the most effective way to generate targeted traffic to your website while increasing ranking on your site.



The process consists of three phases: research, copywriting/design, and distribution. Quality content is generated on your behalf and distributed on quality web-properties. This enables your site to rank higher and increases traffic on your website. Despite the fact that we focus on off-page content distribution, we optimize your website to correspond to the main key-terms we intend to promote.


What does this module include?

  • Competitive and niche research
  • Keyword research
  • On-page optimization
  • Content distribution

Pay Per Click Management (PPC)

Why PPC?
A Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign will help you reach prospects that are currently looking for your products or services. With PPC you have instant placement on the top of the search engines and you control your budget.


We use key leading PPC platforms to promote your business, such as: Google AdWords, Yahoo Ads, AdRoll, and others. We create ads that attract searchers and lead them to your site. This increases traffic on your website and leads to more conversions.


What does this module include?

  • Keyword research
  • Full campaign restructure
  • Campaign optimization
  • Split A/B testing
  • Monitor budget leakage

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Why SMM?
SMM helps increase visibility on social networks and connects you with your audience on a more personal level, without the formality. SMM brings your prospects even closer to you by serving as a place where people can hear your voice and see you as a thought leader in your industry. A benefit of choosing this service is that we will monitor your profile, including reputation management.


We distribute valuable content to your social networks. We engage and connect with your community, send offers, and deliver your company’s message. This is all done by setting up an account on 4-5 major social networks, e.g Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook.


What does this module include?

  • Account setup on 4 -5 social networks
  • Content distribution
  • Reputation management
  • Monitoring social mentions
  • Participating in conversations

Web Consulting

Why Web-Consulting?
Get your answers, find the problem, and/or figure out what is it you are doing wrong. Web-marketing can be confusing, and therefore we encourage you to take full use of this service.   Our team of experts are happy to help you improve your online performance. We will give you consulting sessions that will reveal all the information you need and didn’t know about.
We will cover the following topics:
  • Analytics
  • PPC & AdWords
  • SEO
  • Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)
  • Social Media
  • Web-Design and site structure


Before the consulting session, we will do preliminary research, prepare the information, our conclusions and suggestions. Our consulting sessions are usually done over the phone with screen sharing, but we welcome local companies to join us at our office. Alternatively, we offer Skype sessions as well.


What does this module include?

  • One hour session
  • Topic research
  • Screen sharing presentation
  • Overview, suggestions, Q&A’s

E-mail Marketing (EMM)

email-marketing icon
Why E-mail Marketing?
Email marketing helps you stay connected to the people that showed interest in your business. Email marketing is a powerful tool that serves as a salesman on autopilot. Today, every reputable business sees the value of having a database of potential prospects, as this is comparable to a tree’s low hanging fruits, a good reason to let your prospects know your company is live and in full operation.


We build your campaign using your preexisting white-list. Autoresponders are setup to reach out to new prospects with zero effort from your side, and HTML templates are crafted from scratch. We start your campaign and begin collecting leads.


What does it include?

  • Template design
  • Setup of autoresponders
  • Campaign management
  • Delivery rate optimization
  • Unlimited email messages

Link Detox

Why Link Detox?
Search engines’ algorithms sort search results by relevancy and quality. If your link profile contains bad (toxic) links, it will be very hard to rank high and your efforts to promote your website will go in vain. Link Detoxing brings balance back. Your profile is less toxic and more relevant, with quality links pointing back to your site.


Link Detox is not only for those who have already experienced a drop in traffic as a result of a penalty. Rather, it is a way to maintain your website, ensure your positioning, and protect your reputation. If you believe that you are in penalty, the process consists of building a case, disavowing toxic links, and sending reconsideration requests to Google.


We download all your back-links from Google WMT and sort them  manually following strict guidelines. We collect all toxic links’ contact information and reach out to webmasters asking them to remove the link pointing to your website. We disavow the links that are still left, and submit reconsideration requests if necessary.


What does this module include?

  • Link profile analysis
  • Contact information manual mining
  • Link removal management
  • Building a case to present Google
  • Disavowing links
  • Reconsideration requests

Audience/Counter Building

Why Audience/Counter Building?
Growing your audience should be part of every web-marketing program in order to spread your business message to more people. For privacy reasons and in order to prevent spam activity, all social  networks, including email communications are limited to the people you are connected to. For this reason, connecting with as many prospects as possible should be one of your business’s main priorities. This is an ongoing process and should be done for as long as the business is operating.


We accumulate connections for your social networks through manual outreach and small PPC campaigns. You email list is built using your website’s current traffic, usually by offering a valuable offer to your visitors.


What does it include?

  • LinkedIn manual outreach and PPC
  • Facebook PPC
  • Twitter PPC
  • Google+ manual outreach
  • Email list, CTA building and management

Website Administrator

Why Website Administrator
It will save you time and money when you have an administrator who will take care of updates on your website, including fixing code errors, applying design changes, monitoring your web-master-tools account, and monitoring your analytics profile. Your administrator is your point of contact for everything related to your website.


We gain control of your website, monitor it and preform necessary changes as needed.


What does it include?

  • WMP monitoring
  • On going design/code changes (up to 4 hours a month)
  • Content changes (using your existing CMS)
  • Analytics profile monitoring
  • Unlimited email support

Local Web-Marketing (LWM)

Why Local Web Marketing
When your business is operating locally, local exposure is needed most. Local web marketing will help gain visibility in your geographic area, which will bring you closer to your prospects.


Using Google maps and top US directories, we will help you be visible on the web.


What does it include?

  • Google maps optimization
  • Top US directory listing
  • Citations management
  • Establishment of NAP signature
  • Content distribution


Why Web-Design
A compelling website converts better, this is a fact! The web-design process should always be done with marketing objectives in mind. This is important but at the same time it is often neglected. If you aim for higher user experience, thinking of the end user and their needs, you will get more out of your website (hence the higher conversion rate).


We gather the information and do the preliminary research. This will help us deliver a better and more relevant website. Combining your input along with the information found during our research, we build a few mock-ups and design your website. Later, we optimize and fine-tune your website to achieve perfection.


What does it include?

  • Information gathering and research
  • Mock-ups
  • Page layouts
  • Design, coding, and testing
  • Optimization
  • Initial CRO

Outreach Link Earning (OLE)

Why Outreach Link Earning 
This is currently the most effective method to increase targeted traffic to your website and also to increase ranking on search engines. Getting to the top of Google is not Hocus Pocus, nor should it be done through black hat SEO tactics. It is done through quality contributing content distribution.

We research, write and distribute quality content on other web properties on your behalf. This content can be in the form of guest blogging, web 2.0, and HP links.


What does it include?

  • Research
  • Copywriting
  • Guest blogging /Web 2.0/HP links
  • Link monitoring
  • Ranking monitoring

Premium Content Creation & Distribution (PCD)

Why Premium Content Distribution
Premium content is quality rich content that grabs users’ attention. Only contributing quality content gets rewarded with users’ engagement and recognition from the search engines. In order to increase website traffic, brand awareness, and trust, we make sure to always distribute quality premium content.


We research, design, and produce premium content and then distribute it on the most popular properties on the web. Premium content can include press release (PR), Infographic, video animation, etc.


What does it include?

  • Research
  • Copywriting/design/production
  • Distribution

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

outreach-link-building-iconWhy CRO?

Conversions on a website are the lifeline of a business. Understanding why people decide to click through, convert or leave is important and could help you double the sales without increasing your traffic. This is merely the effort of maximizing the potential of your current performance.


We use various tools to analyze your current traffic’s behavior. Heat-maps and A/B testing is at the core of this module, however, we use other techniques like surveys and available analytical information.

What does this module include?

  • 12 months of complete traffic analysis
  • Conversion goal optimization
  • Heat maps on landing pages
  • Unlimited surveys
  • A/B testing
  • Monitoring conversions
  • Integration of goals

Reputation Management & Monitoring (RMM)


Many take brand reputation for granted and fail to prevent negative press. Content is king, but bad content could hurt your marketing efforts. Bad reviews, negative social mentions, and negative user input on other web properties, could hurt the bottom line. By removing these negative mentions and monitoring you brand’s name, you protect your reputation.


We scan the web and remove negative mentions using multiple techniques and tools. We monitor your brand’s name 24/7 and take action on every negative mention we find.

What does this module include?

  • Improving your review scores by creating new ones or removing existing ones
  • Scanning the web for any negative social mentions
  • 24/7 monitoring of new brand mentions


Our pricing set up is convenient and cost effective. You may purchase the highest priority modules to start, and then add any additional modules as your marketing efforts evolve.


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