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Proximity marketing has opened new doors for local businesses looking for more direct relationships with their customers. The use of GPS, Cellular, WiFi, and other technologies has given these businesses the power to increase revenue, brand loyalty, and growth.   Some of the biggest brands, including Apple and Coca-Cola, have harnessed the power of proximity marketing. They are industry leaders and innovators in its implementation.   The Growth of Proximity Marketing Proximity marketing allows your business to target a market within a geographical area. In use for a number ofSEE DETAILS



Read original article on Search Engine Land  A little over a week ago, Groupon announced a new option for opening business pages on its site. These pages will enable businesses to manage their online presence by adding images, client testimonials or special offers for Groupon customers, such as Happy Hours, nighttime specials, loyalty clubs, discounted bundles and more. Moreover, the clients can leave immediate feedback on the business page, and even interact with the company by requesting a ‘deal’. This last option may be Groupon’s response to critics who believeSEE DETAILS



The Internet offers many exciting opportunities for a business to grow and prosper. Even in tough economic times, you can use the web to grow and expand your business, reach new markets and engage new and existing customers. Here are a few proven methods to grow your business online.  Review Your Current WebsiteYour website is probably the cornerstone of your Internet marketing efforts. As such, you should continually review the content, layout and usability of your site to make sure that it is still meeting your needs. Customers want somethingSEE DETAILS



Internet marketing is an unstoppable trend in which even the smallest traditional brick and mortar business will fail to gain costumer recognition and growth experience if neglected. Many website owners struggle with web-marketing and are mainly confused from the never ending changes and new tasks that arise on a daily basis.payday loans bremerton waBelow you can find the right balance for your efforts to manage a successful web marketing campaign and, of course, what to focus on.