15 Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Site

While good quality content is an important element to draw traffic to a website, content alone will not achieve these goals. Increasing a website’s viewership can often entail a more extensive and varied process. There are several methods that help to attract visitors to a website. Since the internet has unlimited corners, you must solicit traffic from every angle you possibly can. Listed below are some ways to reach out to those corners.   white hat seo - increase traffic  

(Illustration via SEOmoz)

1. Content is King

The number one player in any website traffic discussion is content. It has always been said that great content is one of the most important ingredients in the recipe for keeping a high return ratio of visitors. If fresh, creative, and interesting content is a continuous sight in your website, readers will surely remember to keep posted with its updates.  

 2. Make a Way for Sharing

The world loves to share, especially online. As a result, social networking and micro blogging platforms have flourished. If you have a great content worthy of sharing, chances are that viewers of your website would want to share it with their circle. It is your job as a website owner to make this undertaking as simple as possible for them. There are several free and easy-to-integrate social media plugins available in the web today, and it is a good practice to place them strategically on your site for your viewer’s convenience.  

3. Leverage from Social Media

Statistics say that if Facebook was a country it would be the third most populated country in the world; this is a testament to the widespread use of social media. You have to tap into this potential by creating a Facebook page and Twitter account for your website. You can even configure your website to automatically update your social media pages and accounts with your latest content. Twitterfeed is a good tool to use for this purpose.  

4. Interact and Leave a Trail

There is perhaps no successful marketing-oriented website which had never interacted with its adjacent community of sites. Most websites established their ranking by getting assistance from related sites in one way or another. One good way of interacting with your web peers is through blog commenting, forum posting and participation. Make sure to leave a trail by posting a link to your own website.  But you have to make sure to leave quality and discussion-inducing comment so as for it to not be labeled as spam.  

5. Syndicate Your Content

Article syndication is another great way of dispersing your content across the corners of the internet. Exposure is the name of the game when it comes to article syndication and there are a lot of free and paid syndicating services out there.   The above mentioned are some major ways to increase traffic to your site. But in this case, more is better, so below are some additional relatively minor steps that could also impact your site’s viewership.   6. Send Newsletters 7. Have a reputable guest writer 8. Advertise 9. Conduct contests 10. Post to mailing lists 11. Post to news groups 12. Write guest posts to related blogs 13. Give away freebies 14. Be as active as possible on your social media outlets 15. Add “Follow Me” or “Subscribe” features to your site