One Email Marketing Strategy to Rule Them All

While email might be considered old and antiquated, compared to social media, email is not dead.   91% of US consumers use email every day. Email marketing provides the most direct line of communications for turning leads into sales.

Building your own list of current customers, past customers and prospects is the best way to start an effective email marketing list and you should use your website, storefront, front desk, and every phone call as an opportunity to get permission to email your customers.

Oftentimes, you’ll want to provide something that will cause your current customers to say” Yes, I give you permission to send me email.” However, before you can begin to develop a list you must have the right options for users, so as to strive for success.

Develop Content

The first step in the process would be to develop your email campaign content. It is important to decide on the content and the frequency. There’s a thin line between too much and not enough in order to sustain and build a long lasting relationship with your readers.

The important thing is to offer them lots of juicy readables. The Average email open rate for business products and services is 20.13% but with quality content, you can improve those stats.

So how can you get more emails opened? Well, first off, we need to get subscribers.

Big Buttons

Offer easy to spot opt-in buttons and pop ups on pages of your website. These should be out in the open, and easily found. Check out how simple and clear the opt-in at Blog Tyrant is.


Don’t be shy now. Especially if you market a stand-alone blog, your life-blood is your subscribers, and you have to collect.


You might be thinking, wait did he say pop ups? Yes, pop ups have been considered the bane of the Internet, however, they aren’t all bad. When a consumer is looking for the information you are offering, they will consider a pop-up a great offer.

Don’t get sidetracked by feeling like you might intrude. Consumers shouldn’t have to look for your offers.

It’s also worth mentioning that closing the window is only a click away.

One more thing: If you are worried about being intrusive consider hellobar. Neil Patel created a helpful tool called HelloBar which acts as a non-intrusive and customizable pop-up for websites. You can use this as a subscribe option as well.

Content Offers

Offer new content for your reader that they can’t resist. You have to give users a reason to subscribe and that is where we utilize the next step, the creation of your “hook.”

The “hook” is simply a free giveaway that can take the form of a pdf, a video, e-book, etc. that would make your visitors want to click on the button to subscribe to your list.

Perhaps your readers are looking for better photography lighting options, you offer them an E Book that details how to set up lighting for a photoshoot. This is an offer that your reader will consider.

Once they have entered their email, you can send them your downloadable content. Despite their ability to unsubscribe anytime, you have the ability to continue a relationship with great, informative content.

Your hook should be a detailed and valuable guide. Offer a little more than you would in your blog, and make sure that your offer is hard to resist.

Checkout Process

At the end of your eCommerce checkout process, customers are willing to give you their payment credentials. This is the phase in the buying funnel where they are willing to hand their cards over. They trust you.

This is the perfect opportunity to offer an email opt-in option, or just flat out make email a mandatory detail in the information entry process.

Think about it, if they are willing to buy from you, and especially if the purchased product is satisfactory, they will enjoy hearing from you again.

Send a thank you

You want your emails to be personal. Consider the emails that you have collected as your new closest friends list. Consider it a relationship.

With that in mind, make your first exchange count. Thank your new friend for signing up, and for using your brand.

Using any email provider, you will have the option to a send a visitor to a page. Email marketing providers like Aweber, Icontact and Getresponse can provide you with a default thank you page or you can create one in WordPress if that is your CMS which allows you to thank new subscribers for signing up and to let them know that their free gift is being mailed to them.

At this point it is also a good time to suggest any affiliate products that might be linked to the free gift offer.

Offer Variety

Once your email subscriptions are coming in, you will want to maintain and groom them as leads. Make sure that you understand what it is they want, and that they are not all looking for one specific thing. Your email content should offer variety to ensure you please the masses.

You don’t want every email you send to be promotional. Create a mix of editorial and promotional communication that will help you build a long-lasting relationship with your loyal customers. Create memorable content that engages and educates your subscribers. It needs to be amazing to keep them wanting to forward your emails to family, friends and colleagues who are not already on your list.

Social Sharing

With social sharing in mind, make sure you offer sharing buttons on every blog post. Loyal followers will thank you for sharing quality, worthwhile content, by sharing it with friends and family, or respected colleagues. Make sure the option is available and easy to access.

Email marketing has been the best way to communicate with target audiences and build strong relationships. It has had no rival since the inception of the Internet.  Communicating via emails has allowed for deeper, more lasting connections and will continue to do so as web-marketing and eComerce continue to grow and expand.

If you already are well versed in the email marketing work, tell us what you do differently. Have more questions about email marketing? Write them in the comments below.