A Web Consultant Can Save You Thousands Of Dollars

If you are a small business owner, you know without a doubt that you have to have a web presence to succeed. It is a simple fact in today’s world that 7 out of 10 people who own a computer will make a purchase on the internet just as quick as or quicker than they will visit a store. If this were not a fact, Wal-Mart, Kmart, and all those other “marts” would not have bothered with a website. Why would they? The trouble is, most small businesses will never be a Walmart. In fact, 9 out of 10 startup companies will never get off the ground at all unless they have an internet marketing strategy that works. There are three truths that have to be faced in order to succeed.

    • You can’t steer a ship without a rudder.
  • Out of sight is out of mind
  • You have to earn more than you spend
  Sure, these are old clichés but each one is more true now than when they were written. That is what a web consultant brings to the table. If you do not have a clear plan to get from point A to point B, you will never arrive at your destination. With all the changes to search engine algorithms it is harder than ever to make your presence known, especially when you are swimming in the same pool as the big sharks like Walmart. Without a web consultant, you are already at a disadvantage because the big companies are unconcerned with how much it costs them to be seen. The market for online buyers is that good. If you can get even a small slice of that pie, you will be a huge success.   A web consultant is the rudder that you need to make your presence known on the internet without spending like the big boys. Being seen is only half the battle; the big companies have the advantage of being known by everyone. The majority of the people who go to Walmart’s website are going there to make a purchase. A good web consultant can help you turn your visitors into customers and save you money doing it through CRO. (Conversion Rate Optimization). This is the process of knowing and implementing strategies that convert a visitor to your website into a customer. Every visitor that spends money on your website saves you even more money in the end.   In a nutshell, a good web consultant will do three things that will not only help you to succeed but will save you money while doing it.
  • Help you develop a strategy to drive traffic to your website using your strengths. That is the rudder to your ship.
  • Keep you in the top echelons of the search engine results through keyword optimization, engaging content, and completely ethical white hat SEO tactics. In sight is in mind.
  • Save your small business money by ensuring more of those visitors stay on your website to make a purchase, saving you money. You will earn much more than you spend.
  The only way to compete with the big companies like Walmart, Kmart, and the like is to have a website marketing plan that keeps you visible, draws targeted traffic to your website, enjoys high quality conversion rates, and does so with the least amount of money spent. If anyone tells you that achieving these results will cost more than you can afford to pay unless you use anything other than pure, ethical white hat SEO tactics, they are leading you into your demise as a website presence. A good web consultant will never steer you in the wrong direction.