Build Your SEO Toolkit With The Best Free Tools Used By The SEO Pros

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[custom_frame_left] seo tool list[/custom_frame_left] If you are ready to join the nearly 2.5 billion people who enjoy some form of online presence, (including email accounts) whether it is a blog, personal or family website, or ecommerce store, you may find the prospect much more challenging than you may have realized. Towards that end, Dynamic Search has collected 15 of the most useful SEO tools from which you may benefit most of them 100% free. Many of these are used by professional SEO companies like Dynamic Search to help others achieve a higher rank and visibility in local and global search engines. Take a quick look at these fantastic free tools and start building your website maintenance toolkit.  

Fifteen Free SEO Related Tools for Your Toolbox

  1.      Google’s Webmaster Console with Google Analytics One of the best ways to stay at or near the top of Google’s intelligent algorithm search engine is to view your website the way Google views it. They do not see the beautiful design or elegant layout. Google sees site statistics in the form of performance. They see your highest-ranking page, crawl rates, load times, and dozens of other performance indicators. Knowing what Google knows about your site can help you ensure that they like what they “see.” seo tool Google AnalyticsGoogle Web Master Tools    2.      Think like A Google Spider with Xenu Search engine spiders crawl around on your website from time to time gathering information to take back to their search engine nest. If they do, so should you. In the same vein as analytics, you should take note of what they are looking at if you want to know how the search engines think and what they take the most interest in. The Xenu spider is a one of a kind free tool so keep it to yourself or the place will be crawling with them. Tilman Hausherr came up with this creepy but informative crawler to improve his knowledge of SEO. seo tool Xenu     3.      Xinu Does His Thing On The Competition Not to be confused with Tilman’s Xenu, this information grabber is an excellent tool to check out the leaders within your niche to see how they achieve their goals. It will gather intelligence on any sites upon which it is unleashed, bringing back social bookmarking, backlinks, ranking statistics, and much more. It can analyze multiple websites and return all of that info on one eco-friendly page. This open source tool is the creation of Miguel Camps Orteza, a man of whom all trees are very fond. seo tool  Xinu     4.’s Contribution is the Geo Targeting Detector Those webmasters who do not know about this wonderful free tool will be amazed at your uncanny ability to pick local search engines in far away countries that are ready to burst at the seams for want of what your niche has to offer. The Geo Targeting Detector helps you prepare for search engines in targeted countries so that you are optimized for their local market search. seo tool (30 days free)     5.      The Rank Checker Gives You Keyword Power As long as we were talking about, we might as well let you in on a little known secret. Their highly regarded keyword rank checker allows you rank approximately 1,800 keywords per year for free. To get this fantastic free keyword rank checking machine, you just sign up for a account and the first five keyword ranks per day are free. This neat little item comes in handy since one of the functions gives you a browser button to drop in your toolbar. Every website you visit that you want ranked is a mouse click away. You can download your used keywords in the Excel lover’s CSV format and archive to your heart’s content. seo tool (30 days free)     6.      Fiddler Is Down From the Roof with a Cool Debugger Bring your Firefox browser in out of the freeze and put that half a C-note back in your pocket before Charles can grab it, has a web debugging tool that will not freeze your browser or cost even half of a red cent, much less the fifty you would pay Charles for that expensive but cool debugger he markets. Browser and server background communication is a breeze to analyze when you have the Fiddler. All the little debugger needs is the .net download from the website and it is good to go… for free! seo tool Fiddler     7.      Sneak a Peek At the Competition’s Strongest Subpages Many people believe that the best way to learn is by your mistakes. Webmasters know better. The best way to learn in the internet marketing game is by learning from your competitor’s success. knows it too. That is why they developed the Strongest Subpages tool. (That is a name, not a claim) Another great tool to keep handy, this gem breaks down the strongest pages of your competitors website (or anyone else’s) and shows you which are carrying the most inbound links. As long as you are there, you may as well study those pages and see if they are doing something that you should be doing. All is fair in love, war, and websites. seo tool We build it (new ver coming soon)     8.      The Free Backlink Checker Is Like Money In The Bank Have you ever wanted to give those aggravating backlinks the back of your hand? Well, before you vent, take this free advice and grab the free Backlink. Have you ever thought about running a link-campaign only to decide against it because of the aggravating nature of backlinks? It may be time to bring that idea back out and dust if off. The backlink checker is a useful and thorough free tool that should go right to the top of your ‘must have’ list. You can check the backlinks on your most hated of competitors and chuckle yourself silly when you find their links cracked like Sunday morning’s eggshells. seo tool, altenative: majestic SEO     9.      Sitening Strikes like Lightning with the Free SEO Analyzer Google is not the only geek on the block. The SEO Analyzer kicked out by Sitening has a slick trick or two up its sleeve as well. You can analyze your web pages and see what is going on in the SEO department that needs tending to but this time; you will have a little bit of extra help. The SEO Analyzer gives you the ability to PDF your previous report with which you can compare notes. By comparison, you can see what is going on and what you may have changed that is just not working out. You can check your weak spots while doing a double check on your tweaks and refinements as well. The Sitening SEO Analyzer is the perfect tool for the imperfect Webmaster. By Bing. seo tool SEO Analyzer new and better: iBusiness promoter     10.  The Powerful and All-Seeing Multi-Rank Checker The folks at PRchecker have taken this concept a little further. If you are going to sneak a peek, (call a spy a spy) you may as well do it right. This gem allows you to see a web page’s PR. Just type in the url of the website into the tool, and out comes all the success gathering intelligence you can handle. How is that for beating them at their own game? This is a great tool to have if you are being creamed in the rankings by all of your niche competitors. Like the man said, all is fair in love, war, and webpage ranking. seo tool PR Checker, SEO Site Tool (Chrome Extention)     11.  Overture’s Keyword Selector Was Built To Last Let us go just a little bit retro with an oldie but still a goodie. Many of you young whipper-snappers will not know that we are talking about the first keyword selector ever made. made this one right because it still works just fine. A combination of this keyword selector and any of the newer versions you might have, like Google’s, gives you the advantage of comparing the results and using the best available double checked options. Just like the code language of C, upon which most all other code is based, there are many keyword tools designed after the original FREE Overture Keyword Selector. seo tool Yahoo, Google Keyword Tool, RankTracker     12.  The Visual PageRank Exposes Your Website This great little tool by ( is as much fun as it is productive. It allows you to overlay the images of your ranks and your backlinks which is a great way to “visualize” the ranks vs. links on your pages. This helpful and free tool is addictive so handle with care. seo tool  (n/a  as of 04/14/2013)     13.  The Keyword Density and Proximity Tool Rules Here is another creepy crawly tool that checks the keyword density on any of your pages. The coolest thing about this wonderful little freebie is that it can also tell you the keyword density of the keywords in your tags as well. Many new webmaster often forget to count those. Now there is a mistake that you would not want to make more than once. Thanks to the folks at, you will not make it the first time either. The new keyword of the day is FREE! seo tool     For those who love their Firefox browsers, we have a surprise for you. The last two items on this list should make your day.   14.   The Firefox Extension for Web Developers is a Foxy Idea
We have kudos for Firefox for having the wisdom and foresight to apply Chris Pederick’s extension created specifically for the Firefox browser. Up and coming developers can sidestep the cascading style sheets on both the external or inline browser page. Knowing the details of how they designed that sheet and reviewing the links is a great way to learn new tricks from the real pros. The Firefox browser has a place for all of these free tools if you need a secure way to lodge them. seo tool  Firefox for developers     15.  SEO for Firefox Makes for Great Reading (of websites!) has a wonderful extension called SEO for Firefox that gives you enough information about a website page to fill a book. Pun both intended and unintended. Once you land on the website about which you want to know details, whip out your SEO for Firefox, and get the heck out of the way. It is like having the information super highway right on your computer or mobile. The extension is easy to find on the Firefox page. It is right next to the Firefox download link that says they will give you two more tools worth $300 bucks for signing up. seo tool SEO for Firefox     Building an SEO Toolkit with Free Tools That Work Building a free 15-piece toolkit like this one can save the up and coming webmaster a bundle in cash and time. Dynamic Search knows just how valuable your time can be. As you explore the great links throughout this list, keep your eyes open for other tools offered and be very particular about what you want or need. You will find some great free tools and some that are not so great. As long as they are productive, free SEO tools can provide you with as much fun as they do in optimization.