Blogging as an Important Part of Internet Marketing Strategy

Personal blogs are all the rage, but business owners should not underestimate the importance of having and maintaining a company blog. It can give a real marketing boost to your company in a number of important ways.  

Give Your Company a Personality

  Each of your static web pages should have a specific purpose and should quickly and efficiently fulfill that purpose. Visitors are generally in a hurry and want specific information fast. Blog readers, on the other hand, are usually looking for a bit more and will often spend little more time reading. Your blog, then, is a forum that allows you to have a conversation with them. It allows your clients to interact with you on a more personal level, and people want to do business with someone they feel friendly with.  

Establish Yourself as an Expert

  Blog posts are an excellent way to establish and share your knowledge about your business. By offering free tips and advice, you let your customers see different facets of your company’s skills and capabilities.  

Keep Your Website Fresh and Current

  Regular blogging also allows you to add new and up-to-date content to your site on a regular basis. Of course, it is widely known and discussed that search engines like fresh content, but so do your customers. They are interested in the current topics and new trends. If a particular issue or opportunity has popped up, you can address it in a blog post. Keep adding interesting new blog posts and you can keep people visiting your site on a regular basis.  

Display Current Work

  No matter what your business is, you can probably write about the projects you’ve just completed. This can allow your reader base to comment on your work, offer suggestions and insights and perhaps be inspired to start a similar project with you. You may also get some word-of-mouth interest as visitors to your blog pass on a post to friends that need similar services done.  

Educate Customers

 A blog post is also a valuable tool for educating existing and future clients. Searchers on the web like to get free counsel or advice when they are in the process of making a decision. Writing about a certain problem or aspect of your business in a general way can let them know what is common in your industry or how your company handles certain challenges. By treating specific points and issues in this way, you can avoid sounding like a sales person because your goal is simply to inform. That information may generate sales or convince a prospective buyer, but visitors won’t feel pressured by it.  

Gain Web Visibility

  A regular company blog will also expand your presence on the web. Each post that is indexed by the search engines is another point of contact between you and your clients. Search engines also love specific content that is well written and answers a specific question or search query. A well written blog can also move your site higher in search engine rankings by increasing your relevance on a specific search query.