Delighted LinkedIn Users Enjoy Smart Algorithm Search Engine Upgrade

LinkedIn Algorithm Change

There is good news for all of you internet networkers that also want to get ahead in your careers or find the one that suits you. Facebook is not the only social networking site to get a recent upgrade. The professionally oriented LinkedIn just revamped its search engine, giving its members a ton of juice in the job search department along with several other functionalities. For those of you who are new to Social Networking, LinkedIn is a networking site where people post their resumes, join groups, and discuss various job related skills and tactics. It is also a place where just fewer than 3 million companies have made a home for themselves as they search for quality in the job pool.   [custom_frame_left] linkedin profile pic [/custom_frame_left]  

LinkedIn Makes Networking Even Easier

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    • LinkedIn’s new search engine is a much needed upgrade, especially when you consider that nearly six billion searches were ran on the old one last year alone. That number will undoubtedly be surpassed this year by a wide margin. The new search engine gives users more flexibility in searching for a specific topic, resulting in more specific and relevant results.
  • The new search engine is an intelligent algorithm engine that learns from the user. Each time it is used by that individual’s account, it notices the trends and habits of the user and becomes more refined to their intent.
  • This search is much more flexible than the old one; it gives LinkedIn users the kind of options that focus advanced search with laser-like precision while the basic search is less inquisitive. Until now, you had to enter specifics on the search you conducted such as companies, job titles, or people’s names.
  • The search now comes with auto complete that gets more accurate each time you use it. This new function alone will make many networkers happy to have it.
  • Perhaps one of the best features of the new and improved smart algorithm search engine on LinkedIn is the “save search” method that alerts you automatically when there is a change in the results from the last time you used it. This means that if new companies enter the criteria of your search, they are included and you are notified to changes in your last search.
  • If the user types more specific information into the advanced search mode, they get results that are more specific. New to the advanced search results is a section right on top with the most likely answer to their query. This “one click to results” method should make many users extremely happy compared to the old search engine results.
  • Perhaps the best feature that the new LinkedIn algorithm possesses is the ability it gives to the user to refine their search once the results are in. This is done by shortening and strengthening the ultimate findings by filtering out many of the result page listings through the process of elimination. This has the added benefit of making LinkedIn a great website to include in a PPC campaign. (Pay Per Click)

Smarter Searches for Smart Results

The news of this “smarter” way of searching for jobs may bring even more users to the already massive service, which was measured at around 300 million recently. Each member builds a profile that encompasses their resume and groups to which they belong with like-minded professionals on and off the website. The new search engine takes everything in their profile into account and provides them with results that are tailor made for them. This makes finding employers and employees that much easier. LinkedIn is stepping up their game with this “smart” move.