“Facebook Home” new, exciting and taking over our phones

Facebook Home

It has finally happened and it took the simple, free social giant Facebook to make it happen. Say hello to Facebook Home. In a world that is filled with Smartphone users who are tired of loading application to their already filled-to-capacity memory chips, Facebook Home came along and effectively turned our phones into our companions. What used to be a tool is now an instant way to check out what is going on with the people about which we care the most. Simply put, we can now take our “Home” with us wherever we go. [custom_frame_center] facebook-home-app[/custom_frame_center]

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Making New Ideas Better Ideas

It is not a new idea. It is simply a better idea than the one that Microsoft and Windows came up with a few years ago. With theirs, you had to load specific and often expensive applications to your smart phone to log into your social accounts and see what friends and family were up to. It came at a cost. FaceBook and HTC, the Taiwanese Computer Company that makes tablets and smart phones, have gotten together to build the first phone with a FaceBook browser built in as its core system. You turn on your ATT Smart Phone and you are instantly connected to everything that is important in your personal life.

FaceBook Home is Home on the Go

FaceBook Home is the next logical step in a social environment that took the world by storm back in 2002 and has grown every year since. What started as a college experiment by a student who wanted to connect with friends became all the rage in colleges and then caught fire all over the world. Since that time, FaceBook has added to its functionality over the years and given the world a fascinating view of itself in ways that no other medium has ever accomplished including the newspaper media or ordinary television news network. It closed that wide circle down to the news that really matters to individuals. With FaceBook home, we can now take our lives with us in our purse or belt loop.  

FaceBook Home Irks Profit Watchers

Microsoft and Windows have already created apps to download that allowed us to do the same basic thing with one huge exception. The all mighty dollar always came into play. It was never “really” with us anyway. You had to turn on your phone, check if you had the red dot by the app once you found it among the two dozen other apps and if the light was on you loaded it and hoped it would connect. FaceBook has taken the hassle out of the process by connecting you with what you care about all the time. With the ATT FaceBook home connection, you can see what you want and care about instantly. [custom_list style=”list-1″]
  • Notification at your fingertips
  • Status updates keep you informed of where family and friends are right now, and what they are doing
  • Full screen full color images sent to your FaceBook page are at your disposal
  • Chat with anyone anytime instantly
  • Any one of the dozens of FaceBook applications that you enjoy and use most from home can be with you at every moment so you never miss another important event
[/custom_list] Maybe Microsoft and Windows should stop complaining, take a page out of the free, user-friendly FaceBook, ATT, and HTC connection, and make some of their more popular applications a little more accessible (and maybe even free). Thanks to a small social website with a huge heart and a loyal following, you are always connected to what you care about the most.